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Purple Rain

Horrible to have such a great artist pass. But due to pain killers, it is going to make our world worse. The real solutions are nebulous it seems.
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He apparently had bad hips and if he was prescribed pain meds and took them in conjunction with sleeping pills to get rest as well as having a flu (flu medicine?) that might have all been a recipe for disaster.

The biggest issue here is that many of his fans admired him for his seemingly anti-drug stance. For those who weren't familiar with that stance, he seemed like another crazy drugged up musician beause his behavior was so extreme for so long. But he was a complicated person.

During his emergency plane landing days earlier the first responders did give him narcan but that is common procedure to do when they find someone unresponsive and doesnt mean he was overdosed.

He had been having issues for a bit beforehand and it seems as though he knew something was up. I guess we will have to wait a few more weeks to see.
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Authorities have determined that the legendary pop musician Prince had what appeared to be prescription opioids in his possession when he died, a law-enforcement official said.

It wasn’t clear if Prince had a prescription for the drugs.

Prince’s plane made an emergency landing several days before his death in Moline, Ill., because he was suffering from a Percocet overdose, the official said. Once on the ground, Prince was given Narcan, an antidote for opioid overdose, to revive him, the official said.
The ride will be very bumpy ....
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We don't know every single detail yet. We know he had a hip transplant several years ago and had been using pain meds all that time. He was a smart man who treated his body like a temple. We know they had to make an emergency plane landing a few days or so before he died. I read that it was because he over dosed. Is this true? We may never find out. We knew he had been sick for a month with pneumonia so it could have had something to do with that.They gave him meds in the hospital and he refused to stay. He may have been allergic to what they gave him. Also, with him being sick he might have been mixing over the counter meds with his pain meds. I really hope all of the details come out because I just can't believe a man that had been on pain meds for many years would over dose.
We lost an incredibly talented, generous and caring person.All lives matter.  
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I thought his cause of death was unknown at this point?
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