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Q about Fentanyl patches and half life.

I've been seeing my pain dr for 21 years. I have multiple spinal issues and neuropathy pain, and a 4 level spinal fusion.

I'm having a problem getting my latest prescription because of an insurance issue.

Normally, I pat $4 for a 30 day supply, because I get a tier exception,  but because of the new year,  the tier exception didn't go through in time to get my new script.

I applied my last patch on 1/5.

I'm due to put in a new patch on 1/8, but because of the weekend,  the new tier exception won't be in the computer system until Monday 1/10,  that'll be 2 days I won't have any Fentanyl in my system.  

I can't afford the $95 that the pharmacy wants to charge me.

I called my pain dr and he said to keep taking my Percocet, that I have for breakthrough pain,  and that'll help keep opiod level in my system up.

I'm afraid that that won't be enough to keep any withdrawal symptoms from happening.

Does anyone know how long the Fentanyl will still be in my system after the patch is removed?

I'm scared to death of getting withdrawal symptoms.  

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I wouldn’t take the patch off on the 8th. I would leave the patch in place until I replaced it with a new one on the 10th. The patch continues to deliver the fentanyl as long as the patch is in place for a time. The Percocet will also help to ease any minor decrease in the fentanyl during that time.
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True Bennett, There is more fentanyl than you think after the 72 hrs schedule. I would know- I have been on fentanyl off and on for years.
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MAX 12 hours.
Take that rescue opioid & you should be okay.
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There is a tiny bit left in the patch after 72 hours. But not much.
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