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Reducing oxycodone

My pain specialist is honoring my request to decrease my use oxycodone because my primary care doctor feels I do not need any...
I have been taking lyrica for nerve pain 150mg twice a day. .and oxycodone 10mg  4 times a day.for 4 years.
Over 4 months I am now down to  oxycodone 5mg every 8 hours as needed..pain is worse, at least once a week I have to take another 5 mg a day for breakthru pain...then after 1to 2 days things calm down, ..all with help of my pain dr...my primary care just won't address the pain oxycodone....
I want off the oxycodone!
My pain specialist is trying to help..before the oxycodone, I had tried nortriptylline and various ssri's...(for 8 yrs) with same pain dr.
How long til oxycodone adjusts out of my system...or at least to dose I am on?
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I think your question would be better asked in the addiction forum. I'm not saying your an addict by any means. It's just that some people in that forum would probably know better than most of us here, how to wean off of oxycodone, how long it takes etc., etc...Good luck,
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Well my husband likes to decide he is done taking the oxycodone 15mg and just flush them down the toilet cold turkey, then I of course have to live with his sick self for the next 2 weeks until he decides he just cant do it and goes back to his drug dealing dr who then gives him a refil!!.... Id love to know how one can just take 4 a day? My god, my husband takes 5 at a time!! I believe he's more of an addict than anything but I would love to know how someone maintains 4 a day? Maybe I could let him in on the secret! Seriously!
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