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Sunburnt and swollen face


I was in the sun on July 5th for about 5.5 hours and my face was sunburnt even after using 15spf and two days later my upper right eyelid is swollen alot with bags under both eyes and a funny kind of numbness on the right side of my face. It is now July 8th and my face still seems puffy and when I press on my face in the cheek area you can feel the swelling in the eye area. I have been taking ibuprofren 400mg every 4 hrs since yesterday. Is there anything else I can do and how long does this last?
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Go to the grocery store and buy Alovera  (the Plant)  cut the leaves and peel the rim to where you get the pulp only and it will be sticky also.  put it all over your face.

Leave for about 15 minutes then gently wash with cold water.

Get a wash cloth, rinse and strain to where the excess water is out.  Then place in a plastic bag and freeze.  You can later place the cold wash cloth over face.

If this doesn't help to see a dermatologist.  You probably have degree burn that will need medical care.
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Hi heather,
Okay. A couple of suggestions. First of all 15 spf is not high enough to
protect your face against a sun burn. If I were you, I would have someone
take you to your family doctor. Someone suggested that you buy an
alovera plant and treat yourself. Normally, I agree. Alovera is helpful
with burns. But you say there is some numbness on the right side of
your face and your upper right eye lid is swollen. You need to be seen
by a medical doctor and the sooner the better. That must be a really
bad sunburn on your face. Please seek medical attention. Alovera
gel is also availalble in most drug stores. I bought 2 bottles last year
when I had a bad sun burn. Anyways, the sunburn is on your face.
I wouldn't put alovera on your face or near your swollen eye. Please
don't self medicate. Seek professional medical assistance, okay ?
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Hi heather,
This is really serious. Sunburns are serious, especially in your face.
Maybe someone in  your family should take you to ER. If you've been
in the sun five hours, that's way too long. All that aside, next time
wear a much higher spf atleast 30 even higher. This does not sound
good, heather. I'm especially concerned about your swollen eye
and the numbness in your cheek. Please don't wait. Have some
doctor look at you as soon as possible, so maybe the best thing is
for an adult you trust, your parents, older sibling etc. should take you
to the ER. Good luck. Eve
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I am back to normal now. I took ibuprofren as directed and the swelling did go down after a period of time. The numbness is back to normal and my eyesight is normal. I appreciate the comments but I agree with the poster about not putting aloe vera on the eyelid which could cause more complications otherwise. I will put 30-50spf on in the future. Thank you,

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