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Tennis elbow anyone???

Anyone have experience with this? I have developed this in my left elbow within the last year and it is quite debilitating when it flares up.

Luckily it's not my prominent arm but I've had three steroid injections in it and my Dr has said no more. They give me full relief but only last for a couple of months. I will be seeing the Dr on Monday at 3pm and he has mentioned the possibilty of doing a 'blood patch' whatever that is or perhaps more surgery, yuk, I've had my fair share of those so I hope that's not the case.

Anyway, as bad as the rest of my body is and now this. We all have our cross to bear though don't we!!

I have wondered it could be related to my left shoulder injury from my semi v car wreck. Had two major left shoulder surgeries after the crash. I always understood tennis elbow to be an overuse injury but it's not my prominant arm so that can't be the case.

Pain level today is 5/10 NO WORK yeah!!! Mental pain is about a 9/10 though, too much stress and over thinking of my life currently and I don't like what I'm seeing and what the future holds in store for me.

Anyway, hope you are all as well as can be expected and that pain levels are at a minimum for all!

Warmest regards.

~ Brian.
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By the way your dog is beautiful. He looks so forlorn in that photo.
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I had tennis elbow once. It was painful but cleared with injections of steroids. Our body works as one and the tennis elbow could be related to your shoulder problems.

Tennis elbow does not have to come from over use though often that is a factor. It's similar to carpal tunnel. Once it was thought that CT was due to over use. It has been since discovered that we are predisposed to it. A person that jack hammers or works on the keyboard all day may never get carpal tunnel. It's mostly in our genes.

I am sorry that you have yet another painful issue to add to your list.

Hang in there.
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