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I've been fighting kidney stones, UTI, and a bad ear infection and I was supposed to come in on Thursday and pick up my month supply of fentanyl and oxycodone.  I called the pain doctor on Saturday and he raised the amount of oxycodone and then told me to call my dr.  I told him I had an appointment on Monday. I went yesterday and found out that I'm still passing kidney stone pieces and that's why I feel crummy.  I called the pain dr. and asked if I could possibly pick up the prescription on Friday or later, if they had ever had anyone ask to get the prescription later because I don't feel well enough to travel.  The nurse called me back and told me that they would have my prescriptions ready on Thursday and I could have someone else pick them up for me at the front desk?  Has anyone else had that happen, where their dr. has let another member of their family pick up their prescription.  I was pretty sure I was getting randomed this time since I haven't yet, so I was VERY surprised that they are allowing my sister to pick up my prescription.  What a great pain dr. I have.  It probabably helps that I called him over the weekend.  

I'm just wondering if anyone else dr.'s have agreed to let family members or friends pick up prescriptions.  I thought it was nice but a little strange considering it's fentanyl and oxycodone...

Hope to hear some responses....
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Yeah they let my husband pick up my scripts at one of my previous pain drs...but I had to give them verbal permission and he had to know my birth date (not hard to fake). I was taking MS Contin and Lortab 7.5 at the time so nothing to joke about...so the long and short of it is...yes..I've had a doctor allow that before LOL
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My rheumatologist used to allow this when I was on the fentanyl patches, however, I had to give the person who was picking the script up for me a written permission note, as well as notifiying the dr's office that someone else would be picking it up for me.  Fortunately, I only had to do this once, but it was nice to know that it was an option if I wasn't feeling up to doing it myself.
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My husband has always picked up my prescription's and I have to give him a permission note for the Doctor's Office. Only once I was not able to give him a note and it was because they told me that they had changed their policy. When I got there then I was asked to take drug test in order to get my prescription's.
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I'm so sorry to read about your recent issue.  If you start reading on this post you will find out that there are a lot of negative test results here on the board.  I hope you will find a new doctor that treats you wonderfully!

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My daughter has picked up my scripts at the pain clinic.  Also my BF and my sister at times.  They're really good about that.  The pharmacy, though, won't allow my daughter to pick up my scripts (even though she's 18.)  They will allow my sister or boyfriend.  Strange.
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I don't see a pain doc but my pharmacy will allow anyone to pick up my meds.  They even let them use my credit card to pay for them.  I know all of the pharmacy team members so I figure they've seen me enough and know my family members (fiance or kids) so they have no problem with it.  The few times I've gotten my mother to go for me I call in advance and let them know and they're fine with it.

I'm glad you had such a positive experience and that you posted about it.  So often we read about negative experiences so it's nice to read about a good one.  :)
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