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I had attributed the pain in my neck, shouders, arms and else where, to the migraines.  During an episode my entire body tenses up.  The day after a migraines finally ends my body hurts, before one starts my body hurts.  Now that these strange markings on my hip accomponied by the muscle deep pain they cause, I am becoming concerned.  Could these pains be more than just pains?  I am afraid it may be fibro or just cronic pain.  I am at the point, 10 years of this, to start beleiving I may just be crazy.  I feel as though if I were to discuse this with my Drs they would think I am crazy or just after drugs. Anyone feel the same?
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I am sorry your going thru this. No,your not crazy at all and never be afraid to talk to your Doctor about the pain your experiencing. It may sound odd to you or I but the symptom's your having may add up in the Doctor's mind to something you need to be tested for. Due to all the people out there who do abuse medications and their Doctor's trust it is a problem for our Doctor's. This is why it is important to build a good relationship with your Doctor so that he does know you and that your being genuine with them. It is true that the diverter's and abusers have caused Doctors to question their patients when they tell them they have pain but do not let this disturb you as your not there to obtain drugs to abuse or divert. You have a medical problem that needs to be addressed and treated so do not be afraid to let your Doctor know whats going on. After all how will they know if you do not let them know what is happening.
I urge you to speak to your Doctor and get the test done that is needed and go from there. Not all Doctors have become so jaded and accuse everyone in pain of being drug seekers. There are some really kind and compassionate doctors who understand pain and treat it.
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I am seeing a nurse prationer now.  The Drs in my town are very old schoold ,and well, old.   They are great with my babaies though.  Should I seek more then just a general practioners attention?   I do  have a visit  with my NP next week maybe she can reffer me somewhere.  What makes it even worse is the financal stress it puts on us.  Thanks so much for you insight and encouragment.
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Yes you should begin with your PCP and then go from there. The Doctor may refer you to a Rheumatologists and then they can go from there. They may refer you to pain management when they complete the test and see what options they can offer you.
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My migraines tend to start at the base of my skull and work their way up.  I have read that sometimes they can start with muscle spasms working their way up through your face to your head and wherever they decide to "land".
I get one about once every couple of months.  Once a month when I'm not pregnant or depending on the BC I take.  I suppose they are hormonal.  
I think there are quite a few members here who get them similarly.  
I don't want to scare you with horror stories, so I will just say that they found an underlying condition for mine.  I do believe the herniated discs in my neck have something to do with them.
Your problem does sound a bit like fibro.  I have never experienced it, so I have no idea if they are connected.  

Sandee is right, though.  Start with the NP, explain your symptoms and see if there is any testing available.
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Thanks so much for your input!  I will talk more when the baby is crying..lol
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I will look forward to hearing from you.
I know it is difficult to say the least to get anything done with a baby. you have to try and fit everything you can into the few minutes they sleep:)
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Got bad last night.  Its hard to type so bare with me.  I thought I was having a stroke, my leftside of face was numb, slurring words, and double vision.  Went to er they were great  to me.  2mg stadole and vistitrel.  My nueck base of head and shoulders hurt. The put me om robaxin 500mg for awhile to help.  No stroke just a bad migraine.  what ***** is my wonderfully hubby thinks i got the shot to get"high". How the hell is dying from a migraine and getting a knock out shot getting high.  He has always been supportive but now this.  If i wanted to be high street drugs gotta be cheaper that an er visit.  So sorry just rambeling and venting.   Thanks for having an open ear for me.   I am going to try to rest now.
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I am very sorry that you pain become severe last night. It was a good call to go to ER. How are you doing today?

Isn't that the truth, that an ER visit is extremely expensive. I am sorry that you husband was not supportive. Let's hope that he just had a bad night also.

I am blessed to have a wonderfully supportive husband. However the other day I stared to do some house cleaning and he hit the roof. He said, " Stop cleaning right now. Do you want to end up in ER or back in the hospital." At first I was angry with him but than I realized that he is just over protective. Could your husband just be over concerned and didn't know how to express it? Lets hope.

I am so sorry that your migraines are this extreme.

I agree that a good place t start would be your PCP for a referral to a rheumatologist. They are the best at diagnosis inflamatory conditions or Fibro.

I've been following your post and will look forward to your updates.

Take Care,

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Things are getting back to normal and I woke up to a beautiful love note from my hubby.  I think the money just really freaks him out and maybe thats the way he worries.  I have an appointment next week with my Nurse Practioner and will go from there.  Something has to happen because I can no longer be a prisoner in this body.  I am young, I have babies and a life to live to the fullest.  Thanks Tuck for the support.
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I am so glad that things are back to normal.

We can forget how stressful our painful conditions can be on those that love us so dearly. Watching someone you love go through the agonies and challenges of chronic pain can be so heart wrenching. I know my husband feels helpless. Add to that the fact that they often carry the burdens of finance and such, so surely they too have a difficult path. Sometimes we have to change places and I comfort my husband. I assure him that he is doing all he can to support me in every way and that his love and compassion are truly a blessing.

I understand your feeling of being a prisoner in your body. I often feel the same. My heart and mind is willing but my body will just not cooperate.

We all want to live life to it's fullest. Unfortunately some times we have to take what we get and make the best of it. We have to play with the deck of life's cards and take the hand that is dealt to us...and some of us get some pretty crappy hands.

I sincerely hope you are able to find some solutions. Ten years is a very long time to suffer without answers. I'll be thinking of you.

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