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Well got through the test

Hey molly tuck an everyone had test done and boy over all the test wasn't that bad they check 3 discs l3 was normal l4 semi pain l5 pain went from 4-5 to 8-9 plus the contrast dye during the ct scan shows its leaking with tears in the annuls so now i see the surgeon again on july 6th to see what is next but there still talking about fusion with that its a bit weird because location of the problem theres 2 ways for this they said an they were posterior which was from the back an asterior which was from the front have been told the front is likely to have a longer benefit an for those that are scared of the discogram wish i didn't go so nuts it really wasn't that bad except for when they found my pain hope you all enjoy your 4th of july........................flash316
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That's the thing with the discogram, it only hurts when they find your pain. When My Dad had his he said when they put the dye in the bad disc he about jumped off the table the pain was sooo horrible. But I am sooo glad you found out what the problem is and can now be treated:)
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Hi Flash,

Thank you for the update. I am so glad that you it over and was not as bad as you anticipated it would be.

My 68 yr old Aunt had a two surgical procedure fusion done early last fall. One was done from the back and the other was done through the abdomen. She states though the procedures were done fairly close to one another and she experienced some initial severe pain and lots of rehab, she is feeling much better. She state she is glad that she had it done. Her activity level as returned to normal and she has less pain than prior to the procedures.

So good luck to you, what ever the decision may be. I hope you will continue to let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your next update.

Take Care,
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