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What does it mean?

You get a pain relief injection,  when the doctor asks how are you doing and I tell them, " no change". They always give me a strange look and follow it up with, " That is the best i can do".
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Sounds like an unprofessional response
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Whoa, sorry to hear it is that bad.  What do you mean punish and torture you?  You don't get the pain relief you need?  Just trying to understand.  You sound like you have been suffering a long time.  What is the original injury or issue that got you in a chronic pain state?  Do you go to a pain clinic?  Or is this ER's?  
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I had an Angiogram in July of 11, apparently when the probe came to an abrupt stop, it required a little more than a grunt from the doctor and at least 2 others in the room, jerked slightly. If they did not see a problem, how am I. When this pain 1st started December 2014 my HCP sent me to the ER. They were able to give me pain relief, my doctor prescribed something.  Two days later I was back at the ER, they could not help me. Two days later I decided to go to a different ER and they showed me 4 hours of pain relief. Since then there has been no pain relief. I asked my doctor and recieved permission to see at least a dozen other doctors, none could see anything in what ever single test they tried. It took just over a year for my HCP to tell me that was the best she could do, when I mentioned that there was no help, her response was, "Sometimes it happens ".
I have been to over a dozen ERs in five States, there has been no pain relief since that 3rd ER visit. There have been drugs, lots of drugs. They did not touch the pain, but they do cause there own types of pain, some of them very severe. I am sorry but I am in unbearable pain, your drugs are not helping, they are hurting me.
After 4 long hard years of this, I realized that I was not going to survive if I kept at it, I am in unbelievable pain, add to that a stomach cramp that doubles you in half, you are lucky to come out of it alive. I have been in self induced detox since last November, it been almost a month since my last severe stomach cramp. In the past couple weeks I've noticed my concentration is improving . Last week we started communicating with the hospital at where the procedure was done, something about paperwork they will be ready to talk to me in a couple weeks,  so we will see.
If they think I am going back to the same old routine, they are going to be out of a patient.  I have enough pain, how is it humane health care to add a lot more
Sorry I believe I am ranting
Thank you
That's a lot to deal with.  I understand better now.  Except for one thing.  They have tried what you originally had the last time something helped since then?  And now it doesn't help?  Or are they trying new things?  I agree that medicine they give you should NOT make things worse!  I'm so sorry that happened to you.
It appears the 1st and 3rd times I went to the ER, I was given a sufficient amount of relief. But for me to live on that much pain killer, I would be dead in a month.

I was nine years old when the severe beatings started, for six years I was pulverized mostly for lying, of which I never did.

When a doctor stands in front of me and tells me that is the best that they can do....     I return to that nine year old boy sprawled across the floor trying to catch my breathe totally clueless as to what is happening.
      I an unable to explain how much pain I am truly in.
I am sorry I am completely lost
Hello, just circled back here and wanted to see how you are doing?
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Hi.  It sounds like they are surprised that you aren't getting relief from the injection.  What is the med they are giving you and for what?  Are you a chronic pain sufferer?  Things are so hard for people in that boat these days.
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Thank you, I can not remember how many doctors I have been to with this  pain, or the meds used. I do remember they were a lot and not the same. They do one test, tell me they do not see anything, either inject me or prescribe something.  When I tell them that it doesn't touch the pain, they say, that is the best I can do for you. I'm sorry, but what they are doing to me is torcher and abusive. Why do they feel they need to punish me?
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