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an appt.with pain doc nervous and anxious

Well I finally have an appointment with pain management doctor next week.. I printed the paperwork at home.. It was so frustrating because I had to write with the hand I had surgery.. What a real pain in the a**. Now I am tired.. Not use to writting with a cast on.. as long asit is ledgible.. I'm nervous meeting new doctor.. and anxious.. I wanna be heard and not judged by my false negative ua... I'm alittle concerened about it.. As i said before I will be honest.. I had my records faxed to new doctor... I don;t even know what they fax... I'm just glad i am going to see a new pain management... Hopefully, I won't have a problem with get my meds for the chronic pain... So, I can function... I have been in alo of pain with back... Hand is coming along... But, those vicodan will be nomore, and i'm really goping to e in pain if i don't get the same meds from new doctor.. plus i'm going go through withdraws... i can only prayer for the best... i also can't wait till his cast and pin comes out.. it's nerveracking to say the least.. it's so hard to sleep with that and my back hurting...
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i truly beleive by being honest your new dr will give yoyu a chance.. good luck nd i hope you get the pain meds you need to help make life a little more bearable..
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Hi Carol:
Just be honest like you have been here at Med Help. Tell the Doc excatly what you've told us and let him know how your feeling. Tell him that your not a drug seeker but a real person with real pain. Also tell him that drug tests have been known to be wrong and that he needs to give you a chance. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and praying that everything goes alright. Good luck my friend,
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How did you make out with the new Doc, Carol?
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Hi Again Carol,

I am so glad that you have an appointment. At least that's taken care of. And as everyone said your honesty will go along way. I bet they have heard of this before and won't be surprised that this has happened to you.

In the meantime will your surgeon prescribe you more pain meds? Indeed you must have some post-op pain. He may be willing to prescribe you a few extra if you explain what happened.

Additionally your former doc should have to prescribe you something to help with the withdrawal symptoms. You should not have to go this alone.Keep hanging in there. We here if you need to vent. Thank you for keeping us posted. I will look forward to hearing how you are doing. Take Care, Tuck
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