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asking for advice from someone who has experienced this specific occurance..

I have been in pain managment for about 4 years. i am 29 yrs old and have several slipped and bulging disks in my back and nerve damage in my neck/spine due to a car accident 10 plus years ago. I am prescribed 10mg oxycodone and it has worked wonders for me and i have a great relationship with my pain managment dr. aside from that, i have suffered with ADHD since I was about 8/9yrs old. I had taken medication as a child but didn't understand the meaning and only saw that I was labeled in school by teachers and other students so I constantly fought my parents on taking the meda. anyway, as I am getting older the ADHD is worse than ever and has been affecting my job and my life, so I had talked to my PCP and she prescribed me adderal. it has changed my life! today I had a random urine test at PM and gladly obliged as I take my meds as prescribed. when I got home it hit me, I will probably test positive for amphetamines from my adderal and I never told my PM dr about the new prescription from my PCP. I never even thought about it or that it mattered. but reading about it online from other people this may be an issue because adderal is a controlled substance. was I supposed to let my PM dr know? will I get discharged from PM?? any advice is appreciated..
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Call your PM right now about the Adderal.  It's better they hear it from you First rather than seeing it come up on your test.  

And yes, you must tell your PM dr ALL the meds you're on.  Mainly due to the random testing and this very situation you're in.  

Wishing you the best.  But call right now!
you think so? ugh I'm nervous. the options I came up with was to either, like you said, call right now and let them know or just play stupid and pretend like I never even thought about it and act like I'm not the knowledgeable expert that I am on pills and their categories and just say why would my ADHD medication show up on a drug test...i am so nervous to call.
or maybe hope it just doesn't show up before I ruin anything by outting myself. I just know how bad it is getting with PM and how easy it is to be discharged. as much as I think my dr and I are on really good terms, I do realize that he cares about himself and his practice far more than he does about me.
You are exactly right about your dr and PM clinics these days.  You can play dumb, but believe me, they won't care about your story (legitimate as it is).  All they will care about is there are amphetamines in your urine.  You must tell them eventually anyway, so why not now?  

My husband has recently needed PM.  It's so scary!  There are a lot of posts in this forum about patients having drugs in their urine that they Never Took, then being discharged.  
PM's don't only test for the drugs they are prescribing you, but an array.  

Let me know how it goes...
I'm sorry, I can't stop thinking about you.  Real quick because I have to leave the house in a min, but surely you were required to sign a contract?  

I had to sign one with my pcp, and it states "I will neither seek nor fill prescriptions for any controlled medication from any other health care professional unless authorized by the undersigned physician".  

So please call if you haven't already.  

If you have a valid prescription for it, there is  NO reason not to tell your PM doctor today.
Not telling him makes you appear guilty and like you are trying to pull a scam of some sort and will absolutely result in your being dismissed and making it very unlikely that a new doctor would consider putting you back on opiates.
Make the call now.
jade59- your right, I know, I really should have called. I just had about 30 mins yesterday to decide as it was Friday and the office was closing. so I am just going to call first thing Monday. not much of a difference.. i honestly wish that i thought about this when my PCP started trying me on different ADHD meds. I would have had no problem telling my PM dr and he would have been fine with it. now it will look like the only reason I am telling him is because I took a urine test and that I was keeping this from him. and that is not the case at all. I am so bummed out and nervous about Monday.
It is likely going to look like you are trying to hide something, especially since you chose not to call, despite all the strong suggestion to do so.
Since you just now added that your PCP has been prescribing ADHD meds for several months, your waiting to let them know is really going to set off alerts.
You not only failed to report the amphetamines at the time of urine testing, but failed to tell the PM office you have been getting them for months? And you chose not to call them until Monday? This is not going to turn out well.
Don't be surprised if they search your prescription info and send you a dismissal letter.
Every CP patient knows in today's PM environment, you have to keep your PM doctor informed of ALL medications, changes to your diagnosis, and to avoid giving any idea of doing as something wrong.
I am not trying to be difficult, but Jade and I both told you not to wait..and the trickle of new info is going to make you look like you are misusing/a using the meds. It is technically doctor shopping, obtaining scheduled meds from at least 2 different medical providers at the same time.
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greeneyes47...backhurtz is likely right about the outcome...and she is definitely correct in everything else she said.  For this weekend, though, try to put it aside and out of your mind.  Try not to project what 'might' happen.  But do be prepared.  

When you call (first thing) Monday, be honest and let your dr know you realize you messed up.  You weren't trying to hide anything...and you weren't.  I truly hope for your sake he/she will understand...and this will be nothing more than a learning experience.  

Let us know how it goes.  I care, and I'll be waiting.  
thank you! I appreciate the kind words!! and yes having the weekend to plan exactly what I'm going to say makes me feel better because I'm not good with on the spot. I dont lie and i tend to get nervous. even though, like I said, I honestly didn't even think about this until I got home and then I freaked out.
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CALL the PM! ALL your docs need to know ALL your meds by name, dosage, indication (reason) and prescriber. Meds can interfere and/or interact with each other.

Adderal is a mixture of 4 different amphetamines (that's why it's controlled.) If you show your PM that you have a valid prescription from your PCP, written and filled prior to your drug screen and you have the right number of pills left in the bottle, there should be no problem. The longer you wait, the worse trouble you'll be in.

By the way, you should sign a HIPAA release for all your docs at all your docs. Otherwise, there's no way for your PM to confirm with your PCP. Your docs need the ability to work together to provide for your best care. If your PCP has a Nursing Case Manager (or complex case management) program, get involved ASAP. If not, suggest it.
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I hope everything worked out for you. In our state there is a data base where doctors can check to see every medication you are on. It is called PDMP. I thought every state now had this but it is possible some states are behind.
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