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chest pain

today while doing a tricep workout on the bench i think i stressed out my chest. Tight pain when i breathe in. Does anyone know what it could be or what to do for it?
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Hello Cole and welcome to the Pain Forum.

Here are 10 steps to  care for Strained Chest Muscles. You really don't know how bad the injury may be and I would advise making an appt. to see your Doctor asap.

Step1)  If you are diagnosed with strained chest muscles, the first step in recovery is to immediately stop using the muscles any more than absolutely necessary. Stop lifting things, stop playing sports and stop doing whatever activity caused the injury.

Step 2) Take any medication prescribed. You will be given instructions to take ibuprofen, most likely three times per day in the 800 mg strength, decreasing to 400 mg after the pain begins to subside. Often in the cases of severe pain, you will also be given a narcotic pain reliever such as Percocet or Darvocet. Take as necessary for the pain.

Step 3) Use an ice pack initially on the injured chest area for the first three days. The ice pack should not be placed directly on the skin, so have some protective barrier like a thin towel. The ice will help with swelling in the chest. You may wish to continue the ice pack past the three days if the swelling persists.

Step 4) Try hot packs after the first three days or once the swelling subsides. These usually soothe the muscles and help provide further relief. Some people find that the heat is more irritable to the area. If so, discontinue use and consider continuing with brief use of the ice packs or nothing.

Step 5) Get plenty of bed rest. For your body to be able to recover from any injury, you need rest. It is hard for the body to recover when you are still maintaining your daily activities that take up your energy.

Step 6) Get proper bed rest. If you have strained chest muscles, most positions you sit or lie in will cause pain. The best position for strained chest muscles is generally lying in a partially sitting position with two or three pillows behind your back. The best type of pillows are down pillows that also offer some support to your back. A floppy pillow will cause your chest muscles to have to be used to support you.

Step 7) Limit your activities during the resting process. You don't want to re-injure the area. Make sure not to lift anything more than a pound or two at first, and don't stretch the chest muscles too far. Stick to easy activities such as simple walking and sitting. Even activities that seem like they won't affect the area, may. For instance, imagine driving a car and suddenly having to swerve to avoid a deer or another car and pulling the muscles abruptly that are strained.

Step 8) Start stretching out the area after you've rested for a few days. Too much stretching can make things worst, so start with simple stretches and don't do many repetitions.

Step 9) Gradually add normal everyday activities back into your routine. Continue to stretch out every day, working in weight-bearing exercises lightly. You want to make sure you have completely healed before getting back into heavier weightlifting or the sporting activities that caused the injury. The area is now more sensitive to injury, so always stretch out well and be careful when you do get to the point where you engage in sporting and other physical activities again.

Step 10) Physical therapy may be recommended to help aid in your recovery. A physical therapist can help show you what exercises to do to help your recovery. You might receive TENS therapy, where electrotherapy helps reduce swelling and relax the muscles. Ultrasound could be used as well to promote blood flow to the area and relax muscles to help speed healing.

Step 11Make sure to continue care with your physician. Follow up care can be essential to make sure the area is healing and that you aren't doing anything to make the strained chest muscles worse.
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Thank you for your response it is much appreciated. I was seen yesterday and they said that i tore the muscles and the cartlidge. They cracked some ribs in the back to realign some in the front as well. I jerked my neck when they did this startled by the pain of the process but didnt feel much persistence with the neck pain. This morning however i woke up and i CAN NOT at all, move my neck to the right or very far up and down without being in excruciating pain. I dont want to have to go back to the doctor again, but i dont know what to do, work is almost unbearable at this point, even though i have a "desk job"
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