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chronic pain and the uninsured

I begaan having chronic pain when i was 27, I hated pain meds before that, so for the first five years i tried everything until they were my last resort. i have rhuematoid artritis and fibromyalgia. I am always in pain. It has ruined my life. I moved to midland,texas to be with my husband, little did I know how hard it would be to get help here, 1 because of the pre-exsisting conditions, I can no longer get major medical without it costing me an arm and leg, it is hard enough for me for work and function, let alone work overtime to pay. I am from cincinnati and I have a doctor there, where it cost $75 dollars a month to see him and the price of prescriptions. I have went to 3 or 4 different doctors here but no one wants to treat me because the say i need to see a specialist or pain management. They want $500.oo for the first vist. There has to be a internist or DR. of GM that would treat me around here but I am not from here and don't know many people and have had no luck in my search. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ONE THAT ACCEPTS CASH PATIENTS AT A REASONABLE RATE IN MIDLAND, ODESSA, BIG SPRING OR LUBBOCK?
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I had so much trouble finding a doctor in illinois ... try a county health clinic in your area... its the only place that helped me when I needed it. And they will usually charge based on your income ... sorry about your worries and good luck
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Hi. I live just outside midland. I too have serious pain issues. I have tried several drs in this area. What is your pain from?. If u will PM message I can give you the name of a couple drs just not sure about the insurance or cost part of it. Everything is super expensive in this area due to the oil boom!  
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