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chronic thoracic pain from spinal stenosis

I have been diagnosed with lumbar DDD, anular tear, spinal arthritis, thoracic spinal stenosis, and fibromyalgia.  I went thru pain management but cannot tolerate narcotics.  I went thru physical therapy and had to stop  due to the disc tear.  Now that I no longer have insurance,  I am just getting worse.  My question is I cannot lay down to go to sleep and my legs are getting weak.  My arms always fall asleep.  I was told that it could be from fibromyalgia.  The pain is severe between my shoulder blades in the back.  Could this be from thoracic spinal stenosis?  I have an MRI showing narrowing of the thoracic spinal canal.    
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Hi Jackie,

I agree with Sandee. Your pain may be from Fibro or it may be from the stenosis. However it could be a combination of the two, which is probably the better bet.

In addition to free clinics (we have none in our area) you may be eligible for state insurance. I would look into that through your state's human service department.

Good luck to you. I hope you are able to find some relief with your pain.
Peace, Tuck
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I have fybro and my pain started in between the sholder blades and remains where most of my pain is. I wouls not say your pain is strictly from the fybro as you have many other issues going on as well. The weakness in your legs and tingling in your arms could be due to poor circulation as well as the other medical issues you have named.
it is very hard to pin down the cause as you do hhey could all be causing the problems or it could be just one but As I said it is hard to tell.
There are free clinics in each state. I know CNN was listing them at one time on their web site.
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