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If a dr has listed you as disabled can you file for ss disability ?
How do they determine the amount you are entitled to?


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I cant use my right arm it is so weak that i cant hold any  thing with out droping it and it is keeping me from work i have not been able to work since dec. and this is costing me a lot of money i have all my bills set at what i have been making and im afraid of loosing my cars aand every thing and if i cant make 8000 to 10000  a week im going to lose evrey thing amd my savings are about gone and i dont know if there is any help for me
even if my dr said im diisabled from any gainful employment and there is nothing to help me tell i can git back to work
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Hi Rob:

When applying for Disability you have to remember that if you are not granted Disability during the first attempted application, it can take anywhere from 2-3 years to win your case. You will most likely have to hire a lawyer to do this.  

Just because the Doctor says you are Disabled doesn't mean that the Government thinks you are. I had my Husband who supported us during this long waiting period and if it were not for his income, I would have been living under a bridge...so to speak.

In my opinion, I do think you're Disabled due to your recent posts and if I were you, would most likely apply for it.  Remember that in order to qualify, you have to have been out of work for a minimum of 12 months with injury related time off.

I hope this helped you with your decision. Please take care.

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thanks you for your info. im only 24 and dont know about any of this i make 100k a year and that is what my bill are set on and im afraid of lossing every thing i have worked so hard for

thank you

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Are you able to qualify for state disability insuranceto get started? You can certainly apply for SSD. I heard the first try seems to get denied. My doctor told me to either go on disabilty and stop working or find a new DR. I was self inflicting more medical complications by continuing to work. I qualified for state disabilty while I was waiting on the aplication process of SSD.
   I had to get a lawyer to finaly get mine. A lawyer who specilaises in SSD knows how to phrase things and what thier looking for on an application.
As far as how much you get paid I dont know exactly what figuers into it, but I would guess its how long you have been have paying into FICA and how much you contributed. If you have depandants, thats also considered and added in.
  SSD is just an insurance policy in my opinion. Its not a government handout. Its a policy YOU have paid into for years, and use for this exact reason. Thats why its there. Now getting it is a whole nother' story. Also, if you qualify for SSD, after two years you can get Medicare health insurance. Its been a God send for my condition.
  Good luck to you!
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