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false negative

,I recently went to my Pain Clinic, the Pain Clinic MD and the Regular NP were not there. I was told I had 2 tests that came back negative fo Fentanyl...the MD that was there, was a first time doc at the clinic, would not even give me the courtesy of seeing me.  I returned to the office to inquire as to whether the tests that were neg. were the oral swabs that were done on 2 occasions and they were. I was also due to be out of my script for Percocet, which also was not filled which I explained to the RN.  She placed me in a rm for MD to see me and during the last 5-10 min. I could hear him asking the RN in a very loud voice, "Why did you let her back in? She was already gone, please explain why she was allowed back in?" He was standing in the middle of the hall, speaking extremely loud--perhaps for my benefit.  I was appalled, not only were there other pts. that could hear his statements, I who have been a RN for 29 yrs, thought not only was he a non-compassionate MD, but he also violated my HIPPA rights,as well as talking about..someone he did not know (which he did not) but was talking about me as if I was a drug dealer. So not only did I not get my meds, I was thoroughly humilated.  Had he looked at my file he would have seen that approx. 9 mos, ago when the NP increased my Fentanyl dosage, she asked me to return to her the unused patches of the lower Dose.  I did not return them immediately,due to injections.,etc. However approx 6-9 mos later, I returned all of the patches of the lower dose to her. Which should show that I was indeed NOT selling them.  How accurate are oral swabs for Fentanyl. and what reprocussions do I have...other than reporting him for a HIPPA violation. And what advcei can someone   give me to tell my regular Pain Med MD when I see him on Monday?
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First, let me tell you I'm glad you found our PM (Pain Management ) Forum.  

Beffer, I'm so very sad to hear what you have gone thru. NO ONE should have ever been embarrassed like that in front of an office full of patients!! From what you have said, this man should NEVER have been a Doctor as he has no compassion for the patients in the office where he works!  I'm very glad to hear you still have an appointment with your regular PM Doctor on Monday!  So many times when the tests come back negative the Dr.'s won't even give their patients the courtesy of talking with them to try to figure out why their bodies are giving these false negatives.  I'm so glad that you are a nurse because you are VERY aware of your HIPPA Rights!   You will be able to do, what ever you need to do, to be sure this "first time" Doctor at the clinic will NEVER do this to another patient.

PLEASE keep in touch with us and let us find out how your appt. goes with your regular Doctor.  I hope everything will work out for you as your regular Doctor knows you well!!  He KNOWS you take your meds as prescribed and I hope you will let us know your Doctor's take on what the "first time" Doctor did to you!!!  

I wish you the VERY BEST on Monday and look forward to your update. :)
                                 .............  Sherry  :)
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Hello and Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I'm sorry to hear about your chronic pain - and the unprofessional way you were treated. These type of things happens more and more. The DEA has made our physician's judge and jury.

I don't think your PMP is as knowledgeable as he needs to be - especially in a judge and jury medical practice. He certainly violated your HIPPA rights but that is happening more and more these days.

Here's good information that may be helpful for you - and more importantly your PMP.  Here's the link:


I have been told - or read that Fentanyl does not show up on UDS as expected - at least I thought that was true. Ive been searching for that information since you posted and can't locate it. Maybe I dreamed it!

Indeed I thought the info came from Phil. Try searching our threads (posts) in this community over the last few months. I would but I just don't have the time to do that this week.

I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you - and I am sorrier that you find you find yourself in this situation. I do hope you'll be active in our community. Our members are supportive and kind. We'll help with our support.

I'll look forward to hearing more from you.

Best of Luck,

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