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feet and calfs fall asleep while walking

i have just started having a problem with my feet and calfs falling asleep or going numb while walking and now it has moved to my thighs and hips???? help...
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Hello and Welcome to the Pain Management Forum.

I am sorry to hear about  the numbness and unpleasant sensations you are experiencing in your lower extremities.

Reruho has offered you a good suggestion. It should be considered when you consult your PCP. PAD can cause the symptoms you described. Numbness and tingling in the lower legs and feet, coldness in the lower legs and feet are the most common symptoms along with pain.

PAD does not usually reach into your upper thighs or hips. Therefore I would also consider the possibility of a spinal structure condition.... such as a nerve entrapment, stenosis of your spinal canal or a similar disorder.  However it's also possible the the thigh and hip sensation(s) is a referred pain condition..... meaning any issue in your far lower extremities (calves, feet) is causing you to feel discomfort in another area (your hip/thighs). Sometimes even a change in gait can cause pain or symptoms in areas that are not related to the actual problem.  

Whatever the reason it is important that you consult your PCP and obtain a DX. I do hope you will let us know what you discover. We'll look forward to your updates with interest.

Take Care and Good Luck,
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Your symptoms sound a lot like PAD, Peripheral Arterial Disease. It is a serious circulation problem. Here is a list of common symptoms.

The most common symptom of PAD is called claudication, which is leg pain that occurs when walking or exercising and disappears when the person stops the activity.

Other symptoms of PAD include: numbness and tingling in the lower legs and feet, coldness in the lower legs and feet, and ulcers or sores on the legs or feet that don’t heal. (http://www.thegvi.com/services/peripheral-arterial-disease/)
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