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is my doctor allowed to retest me?

I had my rx of Norco stolen. While at work (very physical labor), a friend gave me some percocet and said they were the same thing as my Norco. I didn't know any better and took a few (6 over 2 days). I had to take a urine test when I went for an appointment and failed because oxycodone was in my system as opposed to hydrocodone. My ignorance!!! My question is, can my doctor retest me or are his hands tied by govt guidelines? Will another doctor prescribe Norco for me? They work very well for my arthritic hip. Have I just blown it and must suffer until I can afford hip replacement surgery? Could someone give me some advice, please? Thank you.
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Hi I am sure someone else will be along to help you.  In my experience with a family members pain management.  The doctor has the power to do what every he/she wants to do. I'm sorry for what happened to you.  I would hope your doctor would let you explain however if you signed a contract there could be a problem. All up to the doctor.
My family member was hospitalized, the hospital said they did not carry his type of pain management and tried to substitute with morphine.  I called his PM doctor several times. No return call.  Then he tells my husband he should have plenty of pain meds since hospital supplemented. Um no I had to give him his meds in the hospital.  No stress there!
Thank you for your kind words. It's just a shame that in the medical world, common sense has been replaced with emails and portals, no face to face! I'll get by! Thanks
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The above poster is right. Your Dr can basically do what ever he wants as far as testing you.
Since your script was stolen I take it you have no Norco left at all? If you had some at home take them and ask for another test. This time it will show Norco in your system. If you didn't have any left at home then you're going to have to come clean with your Dr. Tell him you're filed a report at work about your meds being stolen. And do file that report. By doing this your Dr may just keep you as a patient.Some Drs are more easy going and some stick by all the rules.
I hate those contracts too. Mine was 9 pages long with a front and back.
I really hope everything works out for you.
Thanks for your suggestions! I tried that yesterday with my doctor, he won't write my rx, wouldn't retest, didn't even want to talk about it. I had no Norco,his only advice was, go to the hospital if I have withdrawal symptoms! All my life doctors have preached about tapering off meds. Common sense is a thing of the past! Thanks for the reply though!
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Was thinking of you, thought perhaps you could find another pain management doctor.  They are very hard to find in our area.  One way to save time is to get a doctor that specializes in anesthesiology.  Good luck!
Thank you for thinking of me. I am waiting to hear from a pain management center for an appointment. My doctors office told me it would take at least a month for them to find a pain management center that takes my insurance, it took me less than an hour! Things aren't good right now, but hope they will get better. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.
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I'm so very very sorry to hear what you are going through.  It is awful what pain management patients have to go through.
I hope you can find some relief soon. If there is nothing I would hope the Thomas Recipe might help in the mean time.
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