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joint locking

my elbows and knees, hurt alot, after I run, then drive home I can not get my knees out of the sitting position without alot of coaxing, and my elbows seem to hurt more often, if I am tlking on the telephone with my arm crooked it also locks, or if I am holding books in my arm, it hurts really bad to try to straighten my arm back out, it is so bad that now, if I am eating soup or trying to put the spoon to my mouth my hand shakes and I conciously have to try not to shake, any ideas would help.... thank you
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Being dehydrated can cause your joints to lock up. Make sure your drinking plenty of water.
You could have pulled muscles or even osteoarthritis or arthritis.
You need to see your Dr to have the proper test run to find out whats going on to get the right treatment.
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Aside from seeing a doctor, which you need to do, don't forget to use really good footwear to absorb the shock of running.  Wherever possible, do not run on concrete.  You might try walking at a fast pace instead of running to lessen the impact.  You can get the same cardio benefits from a fast-paced walk as you do from running without the risk of injury.  If burning off calories is your goal, just increase your distance.

Pay attention to how you hold your arms and hands when you run or walk.  Most people tend to cross their hands over the front of their bodies.  If you try to keep your hands and elbows moving strictly forward and backward with no crossover motion, that not only helps your momentum, but might lessen some of the elbow pain.

Running can cause a whole lot more problems than it can help, so look into some lower-impact exercises.  Maybe pad yourself well and try roller blading?  Bicycle?  Walking on a treadmill?

And don't forget to slowly warm up and stretch well for at least 10 minutes before any exercise.  Your muscles and tendons will thank you.  :-)
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Hello Michelle,

I am sorry that you are having these joint "locking" issues and pain. Knees and elbows are obviously are joints. Are you having pain in other joints. Joint pain can often be a result of an inflammatory process.

The popping sounds can be signs that your joints and bones have too much stress on them and are rubbing together in place they shouldn't and popping out of places they should be. I also suspect that in some cases the sounds occur because joints aren't being internally lubricated properly which means as Sandee said you can have some dehydration problems. Be sure you are drinking plenty of water. Lack of proper lubrication to the joints can be from other causes also. So it goes without saying that you should see your PCP. I would imagine he/she may refer you to a rheumatologist.

I would cease running at this time as it produces much trauma to your knees. It is high impact and until you obtain a diagnosis you should participate in only low impact activities.

Best of luck to you. Please keep us updated on how your are doing. And as always, Take Care, Tuck
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