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leg pain

My wifes 82 yr old grandfather had back surgery 15 yrs ago. In the process a nerve was nicked that has caused him severe left leg pain from then on. He takes dangerous amounts of pain medication due to his body becoming tolerant to the pain meds over time. he has tried accupuncture, message and numerous other remidies with no decrease in his pain levels. He describes the pain as a cronic burning in his foot that feels like it is on fire. Is nerve regeneration with stem cells an option? if so where can it be done? What other courses of action does any one recommend? We really want to improve his quality of life, and need to find something to take his pain away.
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A good shoe and slipper really helps. I have nerve damage  after several back surgeries.  The shoe and slipper is Hafflinger. It's amazing, I even have my husband wearing them.

I also use Nutra Skin & Joint Ultra Relief MSM Cream. It is an amazing cream.  I put it on my feet daily and it helps with that nerve pain.  

Another medication that helps is neurontin and methocarbonal. You did not mention what he takes so I wasn't sure if he took either of these medications.  

There is nothing more painful than this nerve pain. It changes your quality of life. I don't think there is much that can be done to correct it.  I do go the gym and walk in the pool. Warm water exercise keeps my circulation going and helps this issue.  

I hope this helps a little. I have recommended this cream to probably 30 people and the store where I live that I got to carry it can't keep it stocked. IT works, try it for you grandfather.  I have my dad using it.

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Hello Mahon,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am glad that you found us and took the time to post. I am very sorry to learn of your wife's grandfather's chronic pain.

I encourage you to discuss any thing that may be recommended here or any where with your relatives physician before you use it. That includes cream.

You do not say what types of medication he is taking other than dangerous amounts. Have you or your wife talked to his prescribing physician? Of course due to HIPPA laws you will require his approval. But that may put your mind at ease and allow you to discuss alternative treatments.

Nerve pain is one of the most difficult pain to treat successfully. It is horrid. There are some newer medications on the market that may benefit him. Has he had a recent neurology consult? If not you may want to suggest one. If he has and you are not satisfied with the results you may request a second opinion. Again of course this will have to have his approval.

There are also nerve blocks that are effective in relieving pain for some ppl. It is an option that in my opinion deserves exploring. He may or may not be a candidate for such a procedure.  

I wish your grandfather-in-law the very best. He is fortunate to have involved, caring and concerned relative. Please keep in touch and let us know how he is doing.


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I am sorry to hear that your wife's Grandfather is living in such pain. Tuckamore is correct that the nerve blocks may help. Also burning of the nerve (  Radio Frequency Rhizotomy)  may be an option.
Has he tried a TENS unit? I am not sure how effective it may be on nerve damage but you could ask his doctor if it may be an option for him.
Please do NOT use any medications or creams even over the counter medications with out first speaking to his Physician.
I hope he is doing better very soon:)
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The only thing that helped my leg pain was a spinal fusion. Even very high dosages of various narcotics didn't touch the type rof leg pain I was experiencing. I still suffer with low back pain, but I'm very glad to be rid of that leg pain. It's absolutely horrible! I wish your wife's Grandpa good luck, and good treatment with his ongoing leg pain.
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