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shoulder pain

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There is no definite evidence of full-thickness rotator cuff tear or  

tendon traction. There is no abnormal fluid in the subacromial  

subdeltoid bursa. No glenohumeral joint effusion. No muscular atrophy.  

There is tendinosis and peritendinitis of the supraspinatus tendon as  

well as a partial-thickness intrasubstance tear of the supraspinatus  

tendon at its humeral head insertion.  

The subscapularis tendon is intact. Long head of the biceps tendon is  

present within the bicipital groove. No definite evidence of acute  

labral tear.  

There is no focal bone bruising.  

There is mild degenerative arthritic change at the acromioclavicular  



1. No definite evidence of full-thickness rotator cuff tear.  

2. Mild supraspinatus tendinosis and peritendinitis with a  

partial-thickness intrasubstance tear at its humeral head insertion.  

3. Mild AC joint arthritis.  

Dictated on: 12/06/2018 02:13 PM  

Procedure: MRShoWOL  

Reason For Exam: M25.512 - Pain in left shoulder  

R53.1 - Weakness  

M25.60 - Stiffness of unspecified joint, not elsewhere classified  
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Your doctor should explain the imaging results to you. We aren't qualified to give results of medical testing.
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