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shoulder pain

Im looking for some insight about a shoulder pain I have had for about 4 months now.
iI can move my shoulder away from me, behind me, in front of me, and raise it up above my head with no pain at all.
The pain is present when I have my arm fully extended foward and bring it across my chest. Well it is my right shoulder, so when I fully extend my arm foward and slowly bring it left (still fully extended) I get this pain in my shoulder area. The pain is also present when I full extend my arm above my head and bring it acorss my body ( like it i was reaching for something above my head and the item is to the left of me). Also when I tucking in my shirt when my arm is behind me, I can feel the pain.
I thought I might have hurted it during lifting weights at the gym, but i have since stop going and the pain is still there after 4 months.
I did see a doctor, and he prescribed me ibuprofen 600mg and said it might be due to an inflammation.
I wanted some other opinion because I really don't want to take all the pills and not have it help it heal.

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i have been dealing with shoulder pain for the last 3 years. X-rays, MRI's, and numerous different types of doctors have been unable to help me with my shoulder pain.

Are you familiar with RSI's? Repetitive-Strain Injuries. Our best guess is that i have an RSI in my shoulder.

RSI's are commonly known as carpal-tunnel syndrom or tennis-elbow. An RSI is a build up of scar tissue which causes the affected muscle to not glide against the surrounding muscles smoothly.

I bring this up because of your weight lifting comment. I used to wait tables for a living which is what caused my RSI. constantly carrying trays in my right arm in the same position working anywhere from 40-70 hour weeks. It started as an annoying tension and gradually grew worse and worse as far as pain and aggrivation.

it is possible that you may had one or more of your shoulder muscles get a tear or strain that was not necessarily bad enough for you to notice for more then a short time, however if you continue to work out or overuse that muscle before it properly heals the muscle will start to build up scar tissue as a defense mechanism and can get worse and worse as i know all to well.

Im not a doctor or an expert on this i just have first hand experience with it. I think it may be worth bringing up with your doctor or doing a little home research on it.

good luck
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You need to go back to your doctor and tell him that the ibuprofen didn't work and you still have pain.  That's how it works.  Try palliative measures first, and if there isn't any improvement, move on to further testing.  The problem probably is in your shoulder, but your cervical spine probably should be looked at too.  There is a nerve that runs from you last cervical disc area that runs through your shoulder and down your arm.  The problem could be anywhere that nerve runs.  Your next step should be x-rays and possibly an MRI of your neck and shoulder to check on soft tissue injuries.
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