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stomach pains

i get really bad pains in the left side ofmy stomach and the bottom of my stomach and i don't no why it really horrible some times it hurts so much i can't sit down or stand any think i did the pain wont go and it makes me feel really sick i went to the doctors but they blame my bowls but i don'y see what this has to do with my bowls. any suggestions what could be wrong. ???
please i have had these pains for ages and i hate it.

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I have chronic stomach pain as well, my doctor is no help.  I have had tests done but they can't find anything.  I've recently lost a lot of weight and the pains are just continueing to get worse.  I feel as though i will never get any help.  Especially from my doctor.  I don't think he believes me :(
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   Sometimes when you have a problem in your GI tract which runs from your esophegus(terrible spelling) to your lower intestines they like you to see a gastrointerologist who specializes in the whole sysyem.  Problems in your lower stomach could include things like ulcers and inflammation of your upper intestinal tract.  They may want to check out both your upper and lower GI with a scope to make sure everything is fine.  Alot of things can cause ulcers like advil and too much iron and an inflammation in your upper intestines could be anything from a viral infection to chrones disease(which is an inflammation of the GI tract) I'm sure he just wants to be sure your okay by suggesting they check you out from head to toe.
     If your GI tract is fine they will most likely send you to a Gynocologist or visa versa.
Hope this helps a litttle and you get some answeres soon
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Hi Ginger,
What reason did the doctors give for thinking it's your bowels? Did he say if he thought you were constipated, or that you had some kind of inflammation.
If you have a gynecologist they could do an ultrasound test to see if you maybe have a cyst on the ovary. Do you have a mom that could maybe take you to her gyn to have you get a check-up?
Your symptoms could be several things, but from the area you are describing, that is the part of your colon that could also develop a condition called diverticulosis, but your kind of young for that.
Get your doctor to give you an answer to why he thinks it's your intestines, and then get your mom to have you get checked out at the gyn to make sure your o.k. with your reproductive areas.
Good luck
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