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suboxone for pain management?

Hello. I have searched the forum for this and have found  only old information.  I hope it is okay to ask this question.
I have a relative who is in pain management.  His PM doctor has recently told him that suboxone would help his back, hip, knee pain.  I have my doubts about this but am hoping someone on here might have experience with this medication.  Is suboxone used for pain management?  If used, does the doctor have to say this is for drug addiction in order to have insurance pay for it
Thank you, Dee
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Hi Dee,

You are always welcome here! It's always okay to ask a question.

I agree with you 100%. Yes Suboxone is used for pain. Indeed I have heard it can be very effective. The huge concern with this drug is the fact that most PMPs will not prescribe it. It requires even more education (outside the additional normal opiate education) to prescribe Suboxone.

This means down the road if the PMP should leave or your relative moves he will encounter great difficultly getting another Physician to prescribe Suboxone for him/her. This drug comes with a host of other concerns over the usual and customary opiates. If another choice is offered, I'd take it.

I would think that the insurance company should pay for the drug.

The other issues as many ppl view Suboxone as a drug used only for addiction issues. That's not true - but even some physicians view it in that way too. It's been about 6-7 years since it's been used more frequently in pain management. That an estimate - it could be longer.

Bottom line - I'd ask for another opiate. If your relative does his research he'll find a lot of information to back his concerns.

I hope I've been helpful. If you have additional questions - or specifics please feel free to ask.

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Dear Tuck, thank you so much for your answer.  You were a huge help.  Years ago this person was on fentanyl patches.  When medicare stopped paying for it all the other ins companies followed suit, unless you were a cancer patient ins would not pay.  At the same time what he thought was pain management was shut down by DEA.
So.... having nothing but a prescription that would cost $1,000 this family member had to find a real pain management specialist.
It was two months of hell as the real pain management doc said he had been over medicated.  At the time, I suggested that he be placed on something that was cheap enough that he could pay if the ins would not.
So...since 2008 that is what he has done.  Now his PMP is trying to convince him to go on subxone.  I tried to remind him what happened last time he was on a very expensive prescription.
Anyway......bless you for answering.  I am telling my close relative to stick to his guns, stick with what he is on.  You gave the best answer :)  Thank God I can still see the old forum so I could get back to my question and see your answer.  Oh, if you have time go to CL site
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This was not a criticism.  I am just happy to be able to give you best answer :)
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This question was written by me. Now my hubby is being forced on to suboxone.
The CDC, DEA, Surgeon General have conducted a with hunt for doctors who specialize in pain management.
Instead of doctors sticking up for what is right, they are living in fear that they will be the next doctor.
I just discovered this.
Googlin for "chronic pain patients cut off" I have read hundreds and hundreds of stories  from long time pain patients. There are those who have failed back surgeries, car accidents. The pendulum has swung the other way and I am reading about people having operations and being offered a tylenol.
People, desperate and in pain, are committing suicide.
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