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update on situation with pain mgmt.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the support...I am coming along after the surgery of my right thumb... I am feeling better with that... stitches came out and cast is on. I have a pin in my thumb area for now... My Doctor for this surgery came me some more vicodan... Now the other problem is pain mgmt... I called several pain doctors. I need a referral from physican... I need letter of determiniation... I called pain mgmt for my records. They will send to wherever i go for free.. Which I donot have one yet.. I am still looking.. I have called several.. One asked why I need a new pain mgmt when i was going elsewhere with an attitude... I was so embarassed... And I told are I was testing and was negative for whatever reason... She kinda cut me off... The other facility I inquired about said they would look into finding me somewhere else since they onlt take accident cases... That was last Friday... I am frustrated and I don't know what else to do... I am still laid up... I asked my girlfriend who is going to our pcp for an appointment today to ask for pain mgmt they refer their pts. to... I donot have withdraws yet, because I do have meds from the post-up surgery... But time is going to run out.. And I am trying my best to find someone who will take me.. Also there are no guarantees that they will prescribe my meds... I am at a lost for words... I do have alot of aliments... ddj, stenosis, muscle spasms, radiopathy, and several other problems.. I also need to make appt with gyn since last visit with pain mgmt I was told my mri showed a cyst on my right ovary... I couldn't been seen because it was not an appt.. than i was to have surgery for hand.. Now i have the use of 1 hand so, its kinda hard to get undressed for doctor... And in the midst of all this is when I was told about negative urine... Why???????????? I can't go on like this... I even called for my records.. I was told I have to pay 1.28 a page... I am on a fixes income... I cannot afford that.. I also don't know who gets that letter of determination letter which says devoid of naracotics which isin't so.... I feel like I am damn if I do and damn if I don;t... I"m also embarassed about the findings that I can't explain... Doctors are intimating enough for me... Now I am in this chaos dosen't make sense nor can I get the help or find a doctor who will understand.... I f I cannot find help what am I suppose to do... I am feeling all alone... Being in pain isn't a joke... everyone in chronic pain knows this.. other people who do-not experience this hasn't got a clue... The disablling it cost us in not functioning on a daily basis... Please Help... I need all my friends during this time... Thank you to all that has read my postt.. at least I am heard somewhere
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First of all don't feel intimidated by the doctors, they are human just as you and I are and you should talk to them and tell them whats going on just as you have with us here.
I know it nerve racking to go to a new doctor and you get nervous but just remember they put thier pants pants on one leg at a time too. Be open and honest and make them understand your situation.
You need to just keep trying to find a new doc, some pcp do treat CP pts so look there too. The letter that you got from your doc releasing you from his care only goes to you and one in your file. When you call for appointments with PM Drs don't go into detail about everything on the phone. Get in the door and talk directly with the Dr. Some of the nurses and receptionist in these clinics are rude and nasty and they do not reflect the doctors opinion. The less said to them the bettr chance you will have getting in and you can go from there.Have you asked your sugeron for a referral?

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Hi Carol;

I'm glad the surgery was a sucsess. I was wondering if you have had a chance to talk with your Doctor about the different reasons why your test would come out negative?
Did you explain to her/him that there are reasons why this happens such as meds interfering with screens and so on? If not then I would give it a shot. Like Sandee said, you just have to keep up the search. Don't keep anything from your new Doc. The less said, the better off you are is not a good idea. It will be in your record and if the Doc feels that you are keeping things from them then your chance of pain control are next to none. You don't have to explain anything to the receptionist or the intake nurse, just explain things to the Doc. Sometimes the nurses give the Doc a heads up and like it or not, opinions can be formed before you even see him.
Hang in there and good luck,
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Mollyrae, when I said "the less said the better"  I was referring to the nurses and receptionist. NOT the Dr. I would NEVER tell anyone to hide anything at all from their doctor. If you will read my post again you'll see I was only referring to the staff at the Dr's office and not the doctor.I have seen too many of the "staff in these offices play god with peoples lives. They will either deny you an appointment to tell the Dr what happened or tell you no way the Dr will se you. Do not rely n the staff making the doctors decisions was my only point.
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I have found the rudest people in the universe to be the receptionists/nurses at pain management clinics, both at the one my wife attended and one I was going to attend a couple years ago...the morning of my first appointment I was running late...I was 10-15 minutes away and called to tell them (I had been up all night on a work related call).."don't bother coming..we're all booked for the day and we can't see you for at least a month"...so much for them..

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The sad thing is that alot of times they try and make an impression on you as to what the Dr is like and most of the time it is completly wrong. Everytime I have come across these rude people the Dr is more than kind and completly different than the staff tries to portray him/her.
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Hello Carol,
I am sorry I am late with my response. I have had some recent pain issues myself. You have been given some good suggestions. I would try them all.

I don't know what your state's policies are but in WI a CPC can treat CP Sufferers. I have learned that PMP do not treat patients on a long term bases, they provide initial recommendations and suggestions and they do perform certain pain management procedures.

So Sandee's advice to look for a PCP is one I would strongly consider. Receptionists or whoever is answering the phones at a medical facility are gate keepers. One of their jobs are to "sift" through patients. They are making judgements they are not always qualified to make and do not always reflect the physicians point of view or their desires. I rarely tell them why I am calling. But I am always honest and forth coming with the physician I am seeing.

What happened to you, happens to many ppl. I would be embarrassed also. Just tell the physician what happened and explain your embarrassment and confusion that such a thing could occur.

I am not sure they can charge you for the initial copy of your medical records. I suppose it varies by state. I would certainly pay the $1.28 for a copy of the lab results from the drug screen. We recently had a member that when he actually obtained to drug screen it didn't even say what the clinic or PCP claimed it did.

Thank you for keeping us updated. I have been wondering how you are doing. And as always, Take Care, Tuck
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