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va doctor changing all my pain meds

Hello  i am new to this so i have alot of questions any help would be great.  I am seeing a va doc and i was just on 50mcg every 48 hours of fentanyl and hydrocoedone 10/325 4 times a day. the hydrocodone never really worked for me and the patches would fall off and work for what it seemed for only 36 hours at a time. my doctor took all the meds away and put me on 15 mg of oxycodone ir three times a day and bacially said good luck and you can work throught the withdrawls. she is a doc that believes that if you go sit in classes and go run or something you will feel better. i have siatticcia, fibromiagia, cronic lower back paing, degentrative disc disease and ostio arthrritis. i have other problems but dont think they matter for pain. i dont like to wear the entire 50 mcg patchs as i cant think at all i am a confused idiot but i dont hurt much when i wear them. i dont think taking me off long acting meds was very smart. i cant sleep i hurt everywere. i have some fentanyl left but turned in the hydrocodone as requested by my doc. i went two days with the oxycodone not excedding the 3 15 mg tablets a day but had to finally put a patch on for last night three day with out sleep and starting to feel really sick and my pain level in increaseing from a 4 or 5 at doc with the fentanyl to an 8 today. and help would be awesome. i have free care at the va or i can go back on medicare im on social surcity i stoped it becaue i thought the va was gonna help me and there treating me like a drug bag. i do agree the fentanyl wasnt for me and i will be happy to be off it as it is controling my like but what are my options. sorry carring one i am a mess. oh and i cant take morphine i itch like crazy .  and percacet depresses me. she is talking about adding cymbalta to my meds if the va will approve it. i do ski in the winter i am active only 40 and have an 8 year old so i dont want to be dumb. and i have an extremly high tolerance to pain meds any meds at that. i dont want to look like a drug seeker i just want good quality of life. and my doc is making me nutz with her books she reads and the stupid classes she wants me to go to.
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You have to be careful when seeking care elsewhere if being treated at the VA. With the exception of service-connect injuries, you are generally allowed only one primary service provider. That was not always the case with the VA. Those being treated are grandfathered in, however if you begin treatment for a non-service connected injury elsewhere, you may not be allowed back into the VA system. Chronic pain is generally due to glial cell stimulation and opiates do not work well on this pain. The VA (in general) is under recent pressure to discontinue fentenyl. Don't blame your primary care physician. You can always request a change in primary care physician if you desire. Ski activity can only further injury your spinal problems. The VA has an excellent rehab program with exercises, which I am sure she suggested.
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you are an adult in her right mind who is not being properly treated for pain! To me that is just not acceptable. Find---hunt for---a dr. who will give you enough medication to have a decent quality of life. Many of us have had to look a long time until the right dr. appeared.
  Your job right now is to locate clinics and drs. to see and then to ask for what you need. I wish i could be more help bubly but maybe other group folks can post in with better advice.   om
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Get off the meds. It may take awhile but the withdrawal will pass in a few weeks then it has to clear your brain. Cymbalta can work but its a hard drug to come off of via the dual antidepressant and pain reliever.  I was taking high doses of narcotics and the rebound pain effect they create is astounding. I now take Advil as needed and my pain is much more controllable. Do yourself a favor and take vacation from work to allow yourself to come off the narcotics. Good luck it will get better.
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i am not trying to go anywere i am not sure what to do. i am a hundred percent disabled for fibromialgia, siatticcia in both legs, ostio arthritis, and degenrative disc disease. and cronic lower back pain. i am hundred percent with va and state disability. and service connected for all of my disabilities. i am not a drug seaker and do want to come off the fentanyl as i do know it is powerful and has been a bad thing in my life. its been a few days and i am battleing the withdrawls along with sever pain and aniexity attacks and terrible heart burn i cant eat sleep or move hardly. i am only being treated by the va its my pain management doc that is doing this. she said that the va is disallowing fentanyl to patients unless they have cancer or are hospic (by the way i cant spell) sorry

the doc i have my primary happens to be on vacation and the pharmist is also what a coninsidience.  lol

i have alot of different issues with pain. and i know sking can hurt me but i choose not to lay down and just die eighter i am only 40 and if ii can ski one day and hurt for a week i am fine w that at least i get one day of fun and dont think of all my pain. she suggested no rehab she wrote me three scripts imodium for diareaha, a blood pressure pill that dont do **** and i already have low blood pressure and wants me to take 30 mg of oxycodone a day in place of hydrocodone 40 mg a day and 50 mcg of fentanyl every 48 hours. i feel like **** and my pain is getting worse every day not bettter. i am haveing a hard time not giveing up. i was told i cant go to the er, i cant go to another doc and i cat fill any script at any pharmacies outside the va and i already know this. i think the way she is doing this is very dangerious.
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thank you i dont know what to do i am a paitent of the va and hundred percent disabled service connected unemployability but also i am disabled throught the state. so im not a drug seeking fake with no pain there trying to make me out to be. apparently the va is under pressure to get everyone off fentanyl but it seems there trying to kill me. told me i cant go to er, cant go to another doc, cant fill scripts outside the va or a flag will come up at va , have me sign forms saying i wont do those things along with a form to have pill counts and drug tests at any time and if i dont do these things i will be cut all the way off. i have never failed a drug test at all in 16 year nor before then. and never had any issuse of abuse. i wasnt even offered rehab. just a pain counceler

with what i have fibromilagia, ostio arthritis, degenrative disc disease, and siattica of both legs, and cronic lower back pain its hard to stay comfortable.  and after what i been on for seven years 30 mg of oxycodone is like taking an asprin for me. im in horrible pain, feel very sick, have sever heart burn and cant eat or sleep. i am on edge feels like i have a rope around my neck i cant hardly swallow. i know in the long run getting off fentanyl will be good but i think there going about it a little rough.  i not on any long acting pain meds now so i have no relief at night at cause i take all three of my oxycodone during the day. this is just causing me to resort back to the fentanyl every few days when i have had enough. and i know this will take longer to detox and get off it but good lord i dont know how they expect me to do this. rehab people get treated better than this.
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advil lol i will be in bed forever i dont have a head ache lol
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My spouce jusst passed away in his sleep 3 nights ago from the damn patchs 50 mcg.  they had him on oxycodone  and heydrocodone 10-325 and soma 350 mcg and blood pressure meds and ceriquil so???and valium along with ambium for sleep...had heart surgery a year ago and neck fusions 5 years agoa dn stenosis and osteo arthritis.  but too much meds made him go to sleep and he passed away and never made a sound.  he was blue and cold in the am  time of death was about 2 hours after fgoing to sleep...He still had his glasses on and tv on and passed on the couch, in our Rv..we are in Az. and live in the east...He had just turned 64 and seemed ok when he brushed his teeth and used his water pick b4 bed and sai I love you and see you in the morning but that wa only 3 days ago and having a really hard time accepting this...Drs should know how all this meds. work together.. I feel so scared and cheated...I go to the same Dr and really like her she is a P.A. and is allowed to give all this crap out...Now I am afraid to  go to Dr. and I have Major health issues.  3 brain surgeries, for anurysms hip repalcement Lupus dead Thyroid Diabetic. and osteo and RA.  so need a good dr but so scared now even to take blood pressure meds...Good luck on finding med. care and prayers for you...Gayel
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i am so sorry for your loss. a regular docotor shouldnt be able to perscribe all that medication and the pharmisist should have caught that. i have been on these meds for seven years and i do know they are trying to get me off fentanyl and on something less potent. i was on 30 mg a day of diazapam and now 10 mg as of 3 years ago it is dangerious to mix these together. and i just took a blood pressure pill and i have low blood pressure now im scared also. i hope my doctor knows what she is doing i have a 8 year old daughter and i just turned 40 i plan to live awhile. i just want to be at a 3 or 4 pain level so i can function and do things with my daughter.
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Hi, welcome to the chronic pain community. (oh that must sound awful, but seriously, the folks here all live with chronic pain!)

You might find some more help in The Chronic Pain Couch.  That is usually where I post.
It was hard to understand what you where exactly asking about?  But this is definitely a good place to rant :)

I think the blood pressure pill you were given is to help with the sweats, while you detox.  I know it can be done at home, but it will be difficult.  You will definitely need some help at home.  Unfortunately you have to come off some of the pain meds, before you can try a different ones.  When I came off morphine, I was very sick for at least 6 weeks.  First the symptoms are very physical, for the first 3 weeks?  And then you might feel very emotional, even depressed.  But you will feel better eventually.

Hopefully you can find a Dr. who understands what you are going through, and is willing to work with you to find a drug that helps your pain.
I probably wouldn't want to tell the Dr. you are going skiing, even though it is probably good for your mood.

And honestly it is good to find gentle exercises you can do that wont cause you more pain.  It will be good for your mind, body, and your pain level.  Gentle water exercises, gentle yoga, whatever you like.

Try not to be so scared, maybe you could write a plan, or keep a journal?
Just take one hour at a time, detoxing is tough, but you can do it.
Maybe you could take Tylenol with codeine to help with the pain while you are detoxing?
Good luck, and let un know how you are doing, Sue
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Hi - I am sorry you're going through withdrawals and feeling mistreated by this doctor.  I would love to be of some help, but have a couple questions.

Why did the doctor (while your regular one is on vacation) decide to change your medications so drastically.  I understand that the VA is changing its policy on fentanyl, so is taking you off that - but why did she say she is reducing your therapeutic level of pain meds by so much?  At that visit, or one previous, did you ask for more medications?  Or did you merely explain that your current ones weren't working.  It will maybe help me understand where this doctor is coming from.

I agree with those who have told you that during withdrawal, your pain levels will be abnormally high - rebound effect.  I also agree that when possible, it is better to be on none, or the lowest dose possible when treating chronic pain.  I say this, as a patient who is on a lot of narcotic pain meds due to serious health issues (I share your DDD and sciatica, and also have sacroiliitis and scoliosis - as well as multiple other diseases -  so totally understand how bad back pain can be), so I'm not in any way putting you down for needing the pain meds.

Just saying (as someone who also used to ski regularly and was extremely active) that I wish I had resisted increasing my dosage each time my health got worse and my pain got worse and I was offered more - because eventually nothing helps and you've got no where to go on the ladder of pain relief.  I chose to stay on the narcotics, but slowly reduce the amount I take until I get to where I feel I'm taking a safer amount.  Your initial dose didn't sound unreasonably high, however, so that's why the questions.  Also the sudden withdrawal on your own at home sounded harsh.

I'd love to hear a bit more about the why if you don't mind.  I wish you the best in your journey.  Never forget that those exercise suggestions DO actually help.  Not only with back pain, but by raising endorphin levels etc.

Blessings, Jan
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i did it i got off the fentanyl and hydrocodone. i am not taking oxycodone and cymbalta it was very hard especially since i had a supply of 8 patchs left when i started to come off them. i admit i put them on and off several times and felt more like a failure as time went on till i finally stopped all the way. i not can see its weird i missed the entire last 7 years to fentanyl its an aweful drug i thought i was still in pain on them **** i didnt know what planet i was even on.. worst part i lost years with my daughter she just turned 9 and she is a great kid straight a studend, polite, clean, happy and helpful. she helped me alot.  the new meds are working just fine oxycodone 30 mg ir 3 times a day and cymbalta helps with nerver pain and depression. i feel much better. and the sking is with maine handicap adaptive sking so im not just free sking the va actually supports the association and likes the fact i am trying to do stuff. although i do know it is still dangerous and i could further hurt myself but i will take that chance with this activity. i like it toom much i will do it sitting in a handicap ski cart when i cant use my legs any longer lol.
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i did still complain of alot of pain of which i realize now i wasnt really having i dono why i thought i was in pain. i couldnt have been i dont even remember the last few years. i was getting angry and not myself and hateful. i was shutting people out and feeling really sorry for myself.  fortunately i have a wonderful boyfriend that has stuckk around for a year and a half and hoping for at least one year of it i would get off the fentanyl. i was up to 50 mch every two days and 4 10/325 hydrocodone a day. i was abusing the patches and i feel horrible about it now and i am so happy i am done with them and i will never use them again unless i am gonna die. my pain level now is at a 3 and stays there most of the time goes to 5 on ocasion the cymbalta is starting to do its job well i am happy and almost back to myslelf i am on my 3 rd week of the cymbalta just going to 60 mg of that a week ago and went from 45 mg of oxycodone to 60 to 90 today. today was a pretty good day were i finally stayed at a 3 almost all day. we will see what happens tonight there ir so they wear off and i wake up several times at night in pain.  i take 2 ibuprophin pm and 1.5 diazapam before bed. i was takeing 4 pm ibupropen 3 times a night and 2 diazapam a night and have got myself downe to the 2 and 1.5 i was also taking 8 to 10 ibuprophen  in the day as well which my doc said is way too much so i am down to only 2 ibuprophin a day with the oxycondone increase today.  i feel i am doing well with all these meds i do have several conditions

siatticca in both legs
osti arthritis in all joints
degenrative disc disease
a slight buldging disc
cronic lower back pain
a leg that is way shorter than the other 1 to 2 inches
and my hips are rotated down in and foward
i also have alot of other conditions
acid reflux
hyanial hernia
low somehting i take folic acid
sarisis i am a walking problem

i fall alot and have a cane i dont like to use it vanity reasons i feel dumb and i dont look like i have all these issues so whenever i go to a new doctor i get looked at like im faking or someing.  i moved back to maine three years ago and started going to the va instead of outside doctors i had a right hip resurfacing as i had a fracture with a bone chip and i had a fracture at my l something in my lower back. i have a meditronics stimulator and a tens unit i use both as well as heating pad and hot tub

massage therapy works really well but the va wont pay for it at all even if it ment getting off all my pain meds stupid . well i ranted enough and hopefully answered alot of your questions.
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I need help with this too! Thanks. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a North Carolina app, I found a blank form here.
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