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Pancreatic Cancer?

I've been having right mid back pain since 6/2013. I went to my doctor for it shortly after it started. I was told that it seemed like a muscle strain. After many appointments, a MRI, CT scan w/o contrast, and x-rays that showed constipation and gas, I was told by my GI physician that it appears to be IBS. Mind you that my amylase has increased from 160 to 185 within a matter of months. My lipase is within range, on the lower range or normal. I sometimes get a sharp pain in my right mid back when I move a certain way and then I'm left with a dull ache that lasts for days. Ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, and heat seem to help sometimes.
I haven't lost any weight, but I have hypothyroidism. My appetite is normal. The only problems I have are the elevated amylase and pain. I've been concerned that the pain is pancreatic since it first started. Any thoughts?
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Hi.  I would see a GI doctor that specializes in pancreatic disorders.  He can view your pancreas via endoscopy to see if anything is going on.  Don't let anyone tell you it isn't necessary, if it gives you piece of mind it's worth it.
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