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4 month child male irregularly cry non stop

Hi Doc Good-day,
My sis has 3 month  baby male ,5.6Kg had all vaccination.Yesterday had third dose vaccination also.  .Sometimes baby cries nonstop for 5- 10 minutes suddenly at night and will not sleep till late nights . Earlier he was crying nonstop for minutes at particular time say 6'o clock evening everyday .  Is there any problems . What steps should we do to comfort the kid when he cries .His mother gets fear seeing his crying .
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So sorry to hear that your sister is having a rough time with her little one and crying!  It's been a few months since you posted, how are they doing?  Have the doctors thought about it being colic?  
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I also went through this.  It's so sad when they cry like this.  And frustrating when we can't soothe them.  I think first you have to make sure nothing is wrong.  Like a boo boo, diaper, hungry and all of those basics.  Once they are not, some babies do well with oral soothing like a pacifier.  Not sure how you feel about that but to get some sleep, I'm all for it.  However, then you run into the issue that I did that if the pacifier fell out and baby woke up, they cant get it back in themselves so they cry for THAT.  It's a never ending whirlwind of crying sometimes.  Do you have a good partner that takes half the duty?  And since it has been awhile, how is your baby doing now?  Not a baby anymore?  :>)))
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And I guess this isn't your child but your sister's.  
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