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Has your baby ever fell on her back and hit her head??

my baby at almost 7 months, fell on her back and hit her bead,,she is fine, thank Goodness , but feel free to share your stories?
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When my first daughter was 7 months or maybe 8 she fell down the stairs. Obviously I was NOT watching her, she was at a babysitters, but I took her to the hospital and she ended up being just fine. She had a big knot on the back of her head and her face was all bruised. Scared me to death.
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my 2nd eldest lad banged the back of his head on my front door when he was 3 maybe 4 months. i was trying to get out with him before his dad got to me. unfortunately, didn't make it and the force he hit me with caused the accident. needless to say, daddy's now an ex. baby was fine.
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LOL...I have to laugh. Since 6 months DS has been walking around holding stuff, and has banged his head countless number of times. He's always been fine...although one time did scare me. He started falling asleep right after banging his head off the floor (all wood) but he was already tired and it was nap time...so I made him stay up for about an hour and he was fine. I look at it like this...they're young, wobbly, and not good on their feet yet. They're going to get bumps and bruises and it's ok. Kids are supposed to get them...of course I always check to make sure DS is ok, but I know it's going to happen...
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my lil man was 5 months when he fell off the bed and bumped his noggin....he cried for about 1 minute or so and then was completly fine....even when he is sitting up now and hes 9 months when he falls over he cries...but i think its not because he is hurt it is more because it was shock on what happen lol
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my guys.....are well boys. they are ROUGH with each other. we were all sitting on the couch last week (yeah last week) and eli lunged at brett (play wrestling) and missed him. well he lunges so hard that he is so fast. before we new what happened he launched himself off the couch. i couldn't help but giggle. he just sat on the floor. looking around. he stood up and smacked brett like it was HIS fault. greg and i just burst out laughing. it was hilarious. he was fine obviously he didn't cry but he did have a goose egg on his forehead. lol.
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Okay...my son has fallen one too many times I just about cry every time he does. Just the other day we were having a BAD day of falling. (I blame it on his new shoes for the most part) Ok...so he is walking around, playing and laughing at me and all of a sudden trips over his feet (thank goodness he was on carpet) falls sideways and wacks the side of his head on our wooden coffee table then lands on the carpet....I seriously held him and cried!! He just had a little bruise on his head from that and was ok. THEN he was walking in the kitchen and now he is the height of our kitchen table and wam...runs right into the corner and hits his head again. By this time I'm ready to lock him up so he can't injure himself anymore. THEN! I was changing his diaper on the couch, and he gets up really fast (he gets really excited right after I change him and wants to take off) and sits on the couch but on the edge, falls backwards off the couch, bangs his head on the way down on the table, and lands on his back...we were seriously having a rough day......thankfully he only cried during the first fall...he is tough boy. I was in more pain than he was I think. =( But he hasn't fallen since...thankfully. lol
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i'd just like to say the latest advice with head bangs is to let the child sleep if he/she wants to...but wake them every 40-50 minutes for ten minutes.
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I heard you are not suppose to let a baby sleep for an hour after they hit their head. I had a cousin who's baby fell off a high chair and she let him sleep. Well he had to go into surgery because he was bleeding inside.... Well he didn't make it!! I always make sure my daughter doesn't sleep after a fall. She's already 4 so parents get use to all the head bumps. Anyway, she was on the bleechers at a baseball game when I just seen her falling. She was about 6 feet high... She fell straight on her head onto cement. While I drove her to the doctors she was wanting to sleep. I was terrified. Believe me, she will not go up to those bleechers again without an adult.
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Anytime your child suffers a trauma to the head, you need to call the doctor and speak with them about it. They'll tell you signs to watch for in the event blood is pooling in the brain and/or baby has a concussion.
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i was always told not to let anyone sleep for at least an hour after a head injury whether it's in a car accident or just bumping your head.
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My kids have done that so many times it's a wonder they aren't brain damaged LOL.  My youngest daughter starting ata bout 10 months would deliberatly do it when she was mad...or she would get on all fours and bang her head on the floor....or a wall...or her stroller...or me or whatever else.  One thing to note is anytime there's head trauma....don't let them fall asleep immediately after...as heatherlynn said atleast an hour....watch for strange dialation of the pupils or lack of dilation...watch for slurred speech or glazed eyes...strange movements...complaints of headaches (more than just the bump site) loss of balance.  All of these are signs that should be checked by a doctor.
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thank you so much guys!!! she is my first baby, and ever since she fell ive been having NIGHtMARES ...i was so scared , shaking and im still in chock!!! im sure it will pass, but the first time trust me ,YOU NEVER FORGET!!

thanks alot ladies!!!

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I have a couple good ones... #1) TJ was about 2 1/2-3 months old (before hospital stay) and was too small for his swing, so we wrapped him in blankets and put him in it. He was in it good, however... somehow he worked his way down in the swing and just as I looked over he slid off it and hit butt first on the ground. He was so bundled that he didn't get hurt at all..

Then, #2, a month or so ago... I was going up the stairs with TJ and his feeding pump in my arms (long story but he is required to be fed via a tube in the tummy rather than by mouth) and I tripped on a stair right near our landing... I had a choice, either drop the pump and possibly rip his tube out, OR... hurt myself,

I curled my shoulder's over him instinctively and hit face first into a wall while the rest of me hit the ground. he bumped his head and cried...but wasn't hurt too bad.

All mommies do something silly/shocking when they have kids... As long as it's not on purpose, it's all good. (well... don't let CPS get a look. they'll have a field day giving you H*ll about it!)
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Someone came to attack me and my three week old baby I was breast feeding fell off my hands and hit his head hard on the ground. Ever since, he has been jerking his head. I'm so much worried.
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my son was on the bed now finished had a bath as i was reaching his nappy he rolled over the bed and knock his head i was scared he didnt want me to touch it hes 8 months and im a teen mom
Ah, sweetie.  I know that is scary.  I've got two sons.  They are older now.  Both have had head bangers and falls.  :>)  It happens to the best of us.  One time, my husband and I were talking in the hall. We put our newly crawling baby on the floor beside us and baby crawled right over to the stair top without our noticing (oops) and fell down the first landing of the stairs.  Oh my gosh, I freaked!  Baby was fine.  Both my kids have rolled off of beds before.  This stuff happens and it is scary.  Is baby acting fine?  You sound like a good mama with understandable concern.  
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