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Solid foods

My daughter will be 5 months on the 1st is it okay to start feeding her gerber food? Like veggies? When did you ladies start solid foods and what did you start with?
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I would definitely only feed a child solids before six months under advise of your doctor.  good luck
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I'll be starting at 6 months (my boy is 5 months) but my SIL started at 4 months because her baby has reflux and she's been adviced by her ped and midwife as well. If your baby doesn't have any medical issues try to give it another month. My SIL started with pumpkin and potatoes and she always added some mother's milk as well, 1-2 spoonfuls after bf-ing.
good luck
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The standard that pediatricians recommend is SIX months.  Here is an article about why:


Solid food is not as nutritious as breast milk OR formula.  
Solid foods are harder to swallow and you don't know where your baby is at with that.
**  Solid foods increase health risks of your child before 6 months.  

The article above is written by a doctor for parents of babies and really encourages to hold off on solid food (vegis) until 6 months.  

give it a read and ask your own pediatricians.  good luck
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at 4 moths veggies so she learns to love them other wise you wont get her to eat them if she knows how sweet fruit is also try mixing with rice cereal my boys love it ( yes cereal and veggies sounds gorse but they loved it and it helped thicken up the food so they would stay full longer)
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