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11 year old making good w a friend

I have a situation.  My 11 yr old hangs out with a very unsupervised 12 yr old.  I have taken this 12 yr old friend into my home, fed him, clothed him, taken him to movies.  I recently realized i was missing a bracelet from my jewelry box.  It was brand new, never worn, moderately pricey.  Now, this pass wk/e i took my 11 yr old son Sam with this 12 yr old to a movie and out for ice cream.  On the way to ice cream, i heard Vinny, the 12 year old, say to my son, Natalie's (she's his girlfriend) bracelet broke.  My son responded "what bracelet"?  Vinny said "the one with the black on it".  My bracelet that went missing had black stones and marcesites.  I have no idea how to approach this with my son.  Please help.
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Best thing is to tell it as it is, that your Bracelet was missing and would your son have any ideas if the Boy could have taken it, , you have to be up front .I know it is difficult but perhaps you should even speak to the boy you dont have to accuse him but you may get some feedback,remember if he has done this once it could happen again. If you cant do this and it is tricky and the Boy says he has no idea,and you have no proof you should not allow your son to be friends with him,and dont have him in the house,It depends how you want to deal with the situation.I sympathise with you it is a Dilemma can your Husband help you out in speaking to your son and or the Boy.Let us know how you get on.
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