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8 year old boy will only poop in a potty.

My 8 year old son will only poop in a potty not a toilet. When we go out or when he’s at school he wears diapers because he will just go in his pants. If we take the potty away he’ll go in his pants. If we keep him naked he’ll just go on the floor. The school year is about to start. We took the potty away for the entire summer and he just went in his pants. The school is threatening not to let him come back. Please help.
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Really need help people. The school said he can’t comeback unless he can use the toilet.
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How often does he poop a day?  My kids maybe go twice but usually just once a day.  What's his diet like if he is going more often?  My kids have never gone number two at school they tell he unless they are ill and have loose stools from being sick. Very rare.  

I'd talk to his doctor about Encopresis. This is a condition of chronic constipation and what ends up happening is that a child then can't predict when they are going to go and they go in small amounts at a time more frequently.  Does this sound like this is possibly happening?
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He poops twice a day sometimes only once. His diet is fine. It’s not encopresis because he knows when he has to go and can control it.
How do you know it is not encopresis?  Because you are not really making sense.  If he can control it and you've asked him to, he would.  But then you say he needs help.  
He knows when he has to go because he will tell us. But he will not do it on the toilet I don’t the thing. He’ll only do it in the potty.
Then perhaps a psychological evaluation would be helpful.  good luck.  
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