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Headaches in Children, anyone experienced this?

Hi, not posted in a while, I’ve been doing good with my own health anxiety for a while but now I’ve started worrying that something bad is going to happen to my son. He says the back of his head sometimes gets sore when he turns his head. He said it months ago then twice in the last week. Says it only lasts a second and is a dull pain. He is 7 and has been through a lot, 2 years ago he had a limp and we where told it was cancer but thankfully it turned out it was cause by trauma to the bone. And things at home have been really unstable in the past year.

I’m scared that if I take him to the doctors they’ll send us for an mri or brain scan, he spent the last year and a half getting mris and X-rays, we cant go back to that! He’s had two operations in the one year.

I keep freaking out that he will become seriously ill and I don’t know how we would deal with it!

Does anyone have any experience of headaches in kids like thi
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Headaches can be caused by a lot of different things, some of them serious, some of them not, and sometimes doctors can't even pinpoint the cause.  If this is happening when he turns his head, it may be a pinched nerve or something of that nature, but you aren't going to be able to tell unless you get him to a doctor.  You could also try a chiropractor to see if that helps at all, but  the fear of what the doctor will tell you or the tests he has to go in for, won't help the issue to go away and it can only get worse by not dealing with it.  Take a deep breath and give the doctor a call so they can take a look.  Let us know how you both are doing!
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Thank you for replying. I know, I just worry myself into a frenzy. My son is also a worrier, he ask all the time what will happen if he swallows water in the bath, or something gets in his mouth and asks if he will die. His gran passed away last year which has had a massive impact on him. It was an accident that caused it,he doesn’t know how exactly but keeps asking. He is scared of so many things. Don’t know if the headaches would be related to him worrying, but I know I should take him to the doctors.
They could be related to the stress and worry- it's probably a good idea to talk to the doctor about the anxiety you both are experiencing too.  That's a very important thing to address since it will only get worse without help.  This parenting thing isn't easy, so hang in there and go to get some help with this one!  Let us know how you both are doing!
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