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How do you get an 8 year old to use the toilet.

My 8 year old son will only poop in a plastic training potty not a toilet. We’ve tried it all taking it away didn’t work naked didn’t work. He got kicked out of school because of it. When we go out he wears diapers. If we didn’t put him in a diaper when we went out he would go in his pants. It’s not encropesis or anything like that. He knows when he has to go.
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If we take the potty away he’ll just go in his pants. If we keep him naked he goes on the floor. If we make him sit on the toilet he won’t go.
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We can’t go out in public with him. If we do he wears a diaper. If he’s not wearing a diaper then he’ll just go and it’s a big mess. If he uses his diaper and we try to change him he’ll pee as soon as you open the diaper. He also wears a diaper to bed because if he didn’t his bed would be soaked and messy. We’ve given the pity back because we don’t know what to do.
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I really have no idea.  I know you wrote about this in the past.  What about a psychiatric evaluation?  Defiant disorder? Conduct disorder?  It's unusual behavior for  boy of his age to purposely be different.  If it were me, I'd get rid of the kiddie potty and leave things in the bathroom for him to clean himself.  And teach hygiene things like absolutely washing hands before leaving that bathroom.  I think he'd give up going in his pants if that were the case fairly quickly.   Remember, all habits can usually be broken within 3 weeks to 4 weeks tops.  Stick with whatever you do and a new outcome should follow.
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We’ve done it before. We’ve taken away the potty for 3 months before and he continued to go in his pants or on the floor or his bed. The psychologist doesn’t know anything she said he’s fine.
We always change him right away and he knows how to chnage him and he knows proper hygiene.
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Please help we have to homeschool him now and we make him sit on the toilet but he just won’t go. I could tell he had to go yesterday so I put him on the toilet and he sat for an hour and didn’t go but as soon as he got off the toilet he went. We have to supervise him in the bathroom if we don’t he’ll just go on the floor or in the tub.
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We have the same kid I think. My 9 year old son also ***** and wets his pants. We tried everything, which didn’t work.

We got him checked out in the hospital when was 6. They told us his bladder and bowel musscles where under developed, so the only solution we had was to keep him in diapers. Which he kinda already was for night, but now also for day. He didn’t seem to mind. That was 3 years ago, today he wear tena slip junior diaper during the day. Gets changed at school and at home. So we kinda stopped trying as it is a medical thing.
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