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My 6 year old son and my 4 year old daughter killed the kittens

They always are playing nicely with the cats - mother cat and 2 female kittens. My daughter sometimes is a little too rough but nothing not normal.
I was napping on an afternoon. when I woke up I saw the 3 cats were missing. When I asked my children where are the cats my 6 year old son put an overly innocent care and said 'I don't know' and he elbowed his 4 year old sister to say the same. She said 'I dont know' with this stifled giggle.
when I started to search for the cats, my daughter ran to the coat closet and stood there. She tried to prevent me from opening the closet door. I opened it. I saw the mother cat sitting there with the saddest expression I ever saw on a cat. Next to her there were 2 clear plastic toy jars. When i removed these jars I saw that they each contained one kitten. And they were laying there limp. then i saw they were dead from being suffocated in these jars. I frantically opened them and tried to relive the kittens but it was too late. they were dead. I told my son look they are dead!!!! They couldn't breat!!! My son was sitting on the couch in an infant position and crying tearless. My daughter just disconnected herself and went to play with her toys. I feel so bad I am not sure they have remorse over what they did!
And my son did hide things in the past for instance he hid his clothes I layed for him for his school day, or hid away the bedroom keys and having us searching for them frantically as he hid his amused smile. We are very liberal parents and are close to my children. I dont know why they are behaving this way! and i dont knwo what to do to prevent it from happening. And the lack of remorse over the kittens death worries me! Any advice?
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OMG...good thing you came here and asked for that judgement, huh?

I do not really have any advice.  I do think that the behaviors are quite troubling...perhaps you should call your children's physician and see what he/she suggests?
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how about discipline your kids, yeah they killed the cats and have no remorse because they're brats!! i mean how disgusting, you even said they were both laughing and trying to hide what they did so they obviously knew what they did! i just dont know why that poor mother cat couldnt defend those poor baby kittens, i mean a cat would attack just about anyone else for going near their kittens, so why not two stupid useless brats that are trying to kill them?! this is just beyond me....yeah and btw the only reason i just signed up for an account is because I REALLY need to get this out!
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While you were "napping" was someone watching the children??  6yr and 4yrs is too young to be left unattended, esp. with pets in the house.  Children that young don't have the ability to understand how to properly handle little kittens.  This is why children have parents, because they don't have the wisdom to make good decisions yet and need someone to teach them.  What if the children had gotten into other trouble??  Matches, chemicals, they could have gone outside and who knows what trouble they could have found out there.   I mean there are lots of things that those kids could have gotten into while you were "napping"!!  My advise to you is save your nap time and go to bed a little earlier at night so you can keep an eye on those children of yours!
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Wow!Sorry you are getting blasted here!I refuse to judge people! My advice is to take your kids to a therapist or at least the pcp.Lack of remorse over a violent act is something serious.I would be concerned about a possible conduct disorder.I admit kids that age need intense supervision but at the same time killing an animal is an abberrant behavior.Please stay on top of this.Stealing,deceit,manipulation, and intense anger go hand in hand with this type of behavior as well so be careful and good luck with everything.Stay strong!
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