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child immaturity

Our daughter is 8 yrs old and extremely immature.  She has the potential to do so much more but every day it is a battle to get things done, brushing her hair, homework, cleaning room etc.  School conferences the teacher shares my concern that there may be something physically going on.  She is extremely stubborn, socially doesn't interact well with other children, and again under all this a very smart child.  She doesn't focus, unable to complete tasks etc.  She has been since a baby extremely sensitive from the neck up (cries when hair combed, loud noises). I am a nurse and as a child she had several seizures (not febrile).  A full workup was done to find nothing.  I had her evaluated by a growth and development specialist that told me she was "about 6 mos behind" developement wise.  The latest conference with her teacher we will be again doing some testing and meeting with school psychologist and I will then have her re-evaluated by a neurologist.  Like I said a paretns gut and the nurse in me is telling me there is something underlying here medically.  Any words of wisdom
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Believe it or not, many of the symptoms you have described are those of a child suffering from severe anxiety.  In fact, some of the latest research in this area is indicating that children suffering from anxiety are "behind" emotionally and have a lot of difficulty with self-regulation issues.  The only item you mentioned that does not indicate anxiety is the "seizure" issue.  You might wish to google the term "childhood anxiety disorders" or something similar to see if any of the descriptions are similar to those of your daughter.  Anyway, just another thought ...
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Have you looked into autism?  Loud noises, slow development, and being sensitive from the neck up are signs of autism.  Im no doctor but I would check it out.  
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