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Dad eating teen leftovers

My teenage son eats all his restaurant food but my teenage daughter brings left over pizza home from her individual pizza order. My son knows it’s her property. My husband feels he can eat it cause he bought it. It really upsets my daughter. When she asks him nicely not to eat her leftovers next time he just yells at her that he he pays for all our food in this single income household. I tell him that’s not fair to yell at her. I know both of our teenagers hide treats that aren’t refrigerated in low areas of the kitchen they want to save for themselves. I’d rather she eat her left overs the next day which seems a healthier way to save part of her special meal for another time. Any suggestions on what to say to my husband who is usually very understanding and rarely gets mad at our kids? I do believe he stress eats due to his stressful job.
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Sounds a little inconsiderate of your husband.  I'd have her write her name all over it (the container it is in) and say PLease do not eat this, I'm eating it later. Assuming she does eat her leftovers later.  Some kids say they will and then don't.  Is there a problem of not enough food?  Why does your husband feel that's the only thing to eat?  I think I'd just explain that she looks forward to the leftovers and it is one less thing you have to make her to eat . . .   so consider them not there.  Hands off.  Quit yelling over something so silly and move on.  Tell him to make himself a sandwich!
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Hi there!  So hope you come back and tell me how this is going.  I think parenting is hard and sometimes we think something is a little strange that is important to our kids but respecting them is important too.  Did you have a chat with your husband?
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I have to question the reason your daughter is bringing food home from a restaurant.   Doesn't she get enough to eat at home?  Unless she's is paying for her own individual order, what's the reason you're allowing her to order more food than she can eat in the restaurant?  And most pizza places will cook more than one type of pizza on a platter so perhaps you could encourage your children not to order that much pizza in one sitting.

In a house with two teenagers, I am certain that there is PLENTY of food for snacks for all of your family.   Allow the teens to go with you and choose their own treats - within reason - as you shop.  This way, they will see what each other wants and will more than likely decide to choose something completely different from one another.  By allowing your teens to hide food in the "low areas" of the kitchen, you may be creating issues you are certainly going to have to deal with at some future date with both your children. (Even if the food doesn't have to be refrigerated, and the food is properly sealed, mold can "hide out" on the packaging.)

As for your husband, I can only believe he thinks his pilfering of your daughter's leftovers is his "right" as the breadwinner.   If you don't allow your daughter to bring food home, I do believe that this behavior will quickly stop.  Perhaps you should consider buying him his own special snack foods.
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I go out to eat lunch frequently,  and almost never finish an entree.  They serve way too much food - most everyone I go out with either leaves half of the meal on the plate or takes it home.  
I have never had the problem with too much food on my plate.  I have, however; known a family whose teenagers  had the same behaviors - mom would buy food for all the family but the older two teens would hide it from each other.  And there was a younger teen who "hoarded" food in his room - and then he'd forget he where he had put it until it started to reek.   This created behaviors that continued into adulthood and were never truly "fixed".
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