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HELP!!!! underage sex problem

On last week my girlfriend and i have a fun which is naked and fooling around but when my girlfriend rub my penis and those sperm came out but i clean it off, and i use my penis to touch my girlfriend vagina.... so will she get pregnant? help me please! im really really stress right now... we both are underage please help me please
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I think she will be ok.... Always practice safe sex until your ready for fatherhood.
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Chances of women getting pregnant may depend on day of menstrual cycle.But chances are high when safe sex is not practiced,despite of conditions like wiping off,amount of ejaculatory fluid, type of fluid,depth of penetration,time of ejaculation,etc because only sperm cell is enough to get someone pregnant.

I think she will be alright,because chances are very less considering your actions.However,take your time to talk to your partner,your Doctor to learn and implement practices of safe sex.Learn about sex education.This is important because underage sexual activity may lead to lot of social problems (in many countries of Asia),financial problems,psychological distress or even worse, medical problems which may lead to abortions and associated complications.

The key to keep out of such problem is Abstinence from sexual activity or practice of safe sex.All the best!
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but i don't know did the sperm came out again...
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i hope so... now im waiting for her mestruation to come..
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is it true that pregnant women with 3 week pregnancy only will have side effect like , tiredness, sore breast and wanting to vomit?
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Refer to message I send you,check your in box of medhelp.
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