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Limiting/Monitoring Teenagers on the Computer


So, my two sons ( 13 and 15) are kind of abusing their computer/gadget time. I've been kind of easy on them with not imposing time limits and I've always felt that because I'm very busy I should be more permissive with them.

Of course, that meant that they spend roughly 80% of their free time online or playing .
I'm not the most well-informed parent when it comes to computer-safety, but I would like to know more about any stuff that might help me limit/monitor what they're doing. I'm not trying to snoop or anything. I just want to know that they're not browsing through adult sites or stuff like that.

How can I do that? Is it better to impose strict time limits or is should I go and find an app or something that might help me "keep track"?

P.S. I really don't want to be "the nazi-mom", I really would like to find out what your suggestions are. I'll post anything I find on the topic so that others may see.
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Just Google 'parental internet controls' and you will find a ton of filters.  Additionally, typically operating systems come with parental controls that you could use.  

Regarding time limits, I would definitely set them.  I think that this is one of the biggest problem facing our youth today.  They spend so much time on the computer that they no longer have or develop the social skills it takes to interact with others face to face.  So, giving them the time to play or interact with others without the use of a computer or the Internet would do all our kids a lot of good!
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Thanks for your reply, Mark!

I've been searching for apps and I found this one called Qustodio (www.qustodio.com).

So far I've tested the free version on my laptop and found that it monitors all the activity (internet based or otherwise).
I plan on discussing with the kids about installing it on their pc and gadgets.

Which raises the next question:
Any idea on how to implement the app, without getting too much of a negative response?
Again, I really don't want to be too severe with them.

Thanks, guys!
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