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Angry 2 yrs old

My 2yr old daughter is always so angry. We had a rough pregnancy and her father was abusive. He's not around anymore. But sometimes for days on end all she does is scream and cry. She gets mad and will hit and kick and bite and scratch. Just last night I attempted to put her in the carseat and she didnt want to get in. As a result she started fighting me tooth and nail. She's getting in trouble at daycare for biting other kids when she doesn't get her way. She hits her sister and me and pulls her sister by her hair if she doesn't get her way and sometimes there is no way to calm her. Her doctor swear this is normal but she is never happy... there is never an easy day. I'm exhausted.
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Hi there.  I'm sorry it is definitely hard.  Two, three and even four year olds are challenging.  They test boundaries.  Even if things are perfect at home, they are known to do this.  It can be very hard.  I say cut yourself a lot of slack.  No parent is perfect either.  I did a lot of deep breathing during that phase of toddler hood.  Is the dad in your little one's life at all?
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Hello confused1020.  I see no one answered you.  You are in a difficult stage of parenting and yes, it can be very tiring.  You are not alone.  How are things now as a couple of months have passed?
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