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Bottles and potty training

My little one will be 3 soon, and can not get her off the bottle!!!! She knows how to drink out of a cup, but won't!! And she won't go to bathroom on potty.  I guess I just need to throw the bottle away and deal with the screaming, but I was hopeing she would get out of the phase herself.  And with the potty, the doc said don't push at all, and we will worry about it at 3 1/2.  What do you think
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I'm having the same problem with the bottle...my son is 16 months old and will drink juice and water from a sippy cup, but refuses to drink milk from one. He has to have it in a bottle.

In the beginning, he wouldn't drink anything out of a cup. He refused. But I think it made it worse because I'd always give in. I finally started leaving a sippy cup with juice in it available for him during the day. I hid the bottles where he couldn't even see them. He seemed to pitch a bigger fit if he saw them. When he was thirsty enough, he finally started grabbing the sippy cup.

I don't know what I'm going to do as far as the milk thing, though. I think I continued doing that b/c it was easier on ME! LOL

All I know is that when a kid is older and still sucking on a bottle, the risk of ear infections increase. This is the main reason I'd like to wean him asap. Especially since he'll continue to carry the bottle around sucking on it when the milk is all gone.

I think the first few days will be the roughest, but as long as you don't have the bottle in site, she'll eventaully have no other choice but to use the sippy cup.

What styles of cups have you tried? We have the Nuby sippy cup with the soft (nonspill) spout. We tried the one with the straw, but he hasn't grasped the whole "sucking" thing yet.

Either way, good luck to you!
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Do it slowly , get a pretty sippy cup there are some lovely picture ones out there,give her it with her favorite drink in, if she doesnt want it thats okay do not give her the Bottle instead but you could give her the Bottle later, in other words do the 2 of them or go cold Turkey and put up with 24 hours of yelling, my dughter went through the same thing and carried her bottle hanging from her mouth with weak milky tea init, till she was 3year old then My Dad got fed up when she was visiting my parents he took it and through it away !I was mad but it only took 24 hours and was all done.
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