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CHildrens developement

My two and half year old great grandson Michael was taken from his mother at five months along with his three siblings. Originally he was placed with
his paternal grandmother. The other children were placed with his older brothers uncle who was in a gay relationship. Also since then the mother had my great granddaughter who was also taken from her and placed with the other children. Michael was with his grandmother for a period of eighteen months at which time DOCS decided he should grow up with his siblings and placed him with the other children. He has completed his transition now and there have been problems with the transitions. His eldest brother was in the home environment for some seven years before he was removed and was witnessed to violent and sexually abusive behaviour towards his moth and as a consequence developed a problem for which he has supposedly been in counselling for the two years since his placement. Sorry to be so long winded but you need to know these things to answer my question. Michael spends every second weekend with his paternal grandmother (my daughter) and I visit him each time. Last weekend his grandmother had to go to the shops and I was babysitting him. We were playing with his toys which we had taken from the toy box and included a toy drill. His sisters doll was on the floor nearby where it had fallen from the toy box, and Michael suddenly picked up the doll, stuck the drill on the dolls vagina and started drilling and saying wee wee. Then the following morning we were going pick up his sister who also visits fortnightly but only for the day when Michael who had had a torch he was using as a microphone suddenly stuck the torch at my vagina and again said wee wee. We are worried that although these were the only two occasions he did this the whole weekend it is something we have never seen him do before. We are worried and would like to know if you think we have cause for concern or is this normal behaviour possibly picked up from a sibling.
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Gosh, sorry this has been such a difficult and complex situation for these kids.  Why were the kids removed?  I'm just curious.  To lose custody of your children, there must have been some serious offenses.  

Anyway,, yes.  It is  possible that he has seen something or been exposed to something. I'd let his caseworker know.  good luck
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It is possible that the violent home environment he was removed from, or the interim placement, could have exposed him to something.  Or are you concerned because he is in the care of someone who is gay?  Child molesters tend to be straight more often than gay (though the gay ones get much more angry attention), and what he is doing is heterosexually focused, I guess you could call it.  I'd question the place where he was cared for when not with his siblings, and also would wonder about the actions of the oldest child, who witnessed the abuse of his mother for a long time.
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I agree that this is a very complicated situation that no child should have to endure.  There could be a whole host of reasons why Micheal engaged in this behavior twice.  For the emotional stability of all the kids including Micheal, it would be very appropriate for them to be actively engaged with their own mental health therapists.  Among other significant issues, these kids obviously have separation/loss issues.  It would be in this context that the answer to your question could be found.
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