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Four year old with NIGHT TERRORS

My four year old has been having what the nurse says night terrors.
He wakes up screaming and he doesn't know who me and his father are in fact we scare him sometimes.
He shakes very badly and sweats alot.
I looked up many sites and they say he is asleep while this is happening even if his eyes are open.
But my son will talk to us on the occasions that he knows us and he is aware of his surroundings.
I am very skeptical about these being Night terrors.
Is there anything else these Night terrors could be?
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My 2 year old started having night terrors when he was taking Singulair.  Once we figured out that it was causing the night terrors, as well as, other behavior problems, we immediately took him off.  It took him about 2 months to stop the bad dreams.  Good luck.
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My 2 and 1/2 yr old boy is seemingly having night terrors (my diagnosis only) also. He sometimes screams at me like he is afraid of me, but does ask for Daddy who seems able to console him. Then maybe twenty minutes later is totally normal towards me. It is so distressing. He will lay in bed screaming, sometimes into the pillow, will not talk to us, I cannot communicate with him, sometimes he is walking around but to me really does seem awake. Sometimes he seems to be able to communicate and others not. Perhaps this indicates severity of the episode? I really am worried lately, last night's episode wasn't so bad screaming wise but he didn't go back to sleep for nearly 5 hours. Perhaps he is afraid of sleep? Who knows, he can't tell me. He is too young to discuss it all with so I can't really ask him.
I am also wondering if "Night Terrors" is just a very broad term for something that is not easily diagnosed - i.e. it could be a whole manner of things, or have a whole range of causes but all lumped under one title...seems that way to me. If you find anything out please post it here as I am very intregued. And also paranoid and starting to read all sorts of things about hypoglycemia and diabetes and metabolic disorders...
I hope this is just a passing phase.
They do say to try and make sure their situation is as routine as possible, create a comforting environment where they sleep, no noise, soft lighting, read soothing stories and sing gently to them before bed. Perhaps stagger bed time if they share a room and give them lots of love and attention. Also if it is reallly frequent you can wake them prior to the terror time and comfort them and tuck them in so that it disrupts their sleep but in a nice way rather than their terrifying way. Stress is a common factor...keep their lives happy and stress free. I think our boy is a very emotional soul and gets distraught over the smallest things. Perhaps this explains the terrors?
Please, anyone reading this with similar problems, post your experiences and lets all help eachother.
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