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How to get your 4 year old to go potty trading

I have a 4 yr old and we are have trouble potty trading her she lives with her mom but we get her every other weekend i give her stickers toys candy to try to get her to go potty but all she does is right with u or pe e in her pants all day some days she does good but I think it's her mom that don't try hard with her am stuck in at to do anyone got advise !
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Bringing back memories for me.  I had a super stubborn 4 year old son.  I kind of left her alone.  We had a doctors appointment and we talked to the doctor about school.  And I said to the doctor that he (my son) does not want to get potty trained.  She (the doctor) was like WHAATTTT?  You don't want to go to school in a diaper, do you?  My son stayed silent.  When we got home, I said "hey, would you just get potty trained already?"  and he said "okay" with a sort of eye roll.  And I kid you not, he was potty trained from that moment on.  No accidents like I had with my son before him who potty trained earlier.  

Now, some kids have a hard time leaving enough time to get to the bathroom because they are so busy, having fun OR they don't get a strong signal to go until it is too late.  Talk to her about any signs that SHE has before she has to go, wiggling, crossing legs, etc.  And direct her to the bathroom.  You don't have to reward her with anything but praise if she goes.  

When does she start school?  

Oh, and now I"m reading you are not the custodial parent and only have her 2 weekends so 4 days a month.  You are kind of stuck.  Have you talked to her mom about it to come up with a consistent plan to be followed at both places, yours and hers?  That's the first step.  
Yeah but am just the step mom she won't listing to me she starts preschool again this year I've been in her life more then her actual mom i praise her when she goes potty but her mom keeps taken her to the doctor and the doctor said you will just have to get on her about it and gracias mom said that remember this is about punishing her if she has a accident I said I don't punish her i just tell her every 45 mins let's go potty then she runs off and fights u she is a year behind on everything bc she was out in a hip cast bc she was born with him deplagia so one hip was to get the n the other that's y she lives with her mom full time now bc we both work full time
Bc one hip was higher then the other spelling errors
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