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My 3 yr old ignores me!

Ok... my 3 yr old daughter will not listen at all! she just ignores everything i tell her to do, or not to do, everything! it's driving me up the wall. she doesn't talk back, or "try to get away with things"  she just acts like i'm not even here. i know her hearing is good, cause when i'm talking about something she likes she's all over it!  we have tried time outs, time in her room by herself, taking toys away, talking to her about it... what else can i try? is there anything? did your kids go through this? is it something she will grow out of?.. if you have any suggestions let me know. thanks. :)
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It's hard to get a real picture of what you're saying.  

If she's not "trying to get away with things",  or doesn't talk back,  it sounds like you believe she literally isn't noticing you're there?

That's actually quite possible.  She may literally be unaware that you've said something.  

In other ways,  does she seem unaware of things going on around her?
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she does act like i'm not there... it takes me getting in front of her and forcing her to pay attention to me to get her to listen. after she "notices" that i've told her to do something, she'll just go back to whatever she wants to do. even when she tells me that she heard me and that she would do it. she really only notices things that she likes, like if her brother has one of her toys, or if mom and dad have ice cream... that kind of thing.
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My nephew is like this.  It drives me nuts.  So I can understand when you have to deal with it ALLLLL the time!!!  He just does whatever until I either SCREAM at him (and even sometimes that doesn't work) or I get him and turn him to my face to talk to him, and STILL sometimes he turns back and tries to do what he was doing.  I'm not sure why they do that, maybe it's just a one track mind kind of thing?  

When she goes back to doing whatever she wants after you tell her something to do, what do you do then??  
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