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Two year old wont sleep

My two year old has been the model baby for sleeping since she was little.  I've been told by other mothers that I'm so lucky to have such a good sleeper.  She would sleep for twelve hours a night and take two hour naps up until her second birthday.  Nothing has changed in her room or her routine.  When its bedtime she gets a story, prayers, and then hugs and kisses from myself and my husband.  The only difference now is that she will not go to sleep by herself and refuses to stay in her room unless we're with her.  She screams and cries and comes out to find us.  We've tried punishment for not staying in bed and we've tried putting her back in bed calmly.  Her response every time is crying and screaming and she's back out of bed within a minute.  Our only way to get a few hours of sleep is either laying in her bed with her until she falls asleep and then quietly sneaking out or holding her until she falls asleep and then putting her in her bed.  After a few hours of sleep in her bed she's back up at two am.  It's almost as if an alarm goes off at the same time every morning because sure enough every morning at two she comes walking into our room.  Even if she is in our bed with us she tosses and turns all night without ever really falling sleep.  It's almost as if she has a sleeping disorder.  She just won't get tired enough to sleep through the night.  We've tried skipping naps and we've tried earlier mornings.  Nothing seems to help.
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She might well be ready for less napping, and she's simply wide awake.  Along with that, she might need more exercise, so she will be tired at night.
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Is she in daycare  as perhaps they get long naps during the day, if she is home with you what time and how long does she nap for ? By going in and laying with her she knows that if she yells you will do that, this is hard to do but it does work after a few nights, each time she comes out of bed you take her back, you do not lay on the bed with her,and  by taking her into your bed you are sending mixed messages so that has to stop.Take her to bed, stories, kiss goodnight and leave, she will yell she will come out, quietly, no talking to her, take her back, yes its exhausting but once she realises you are not going to back down she will give up. Good luck
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