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ex S-I-L let new bf in the br while the 5 yo girl was bathing.

My brother is infuriated as I believe he should be. The man dipped her in the tub with her clothes on (she didn’t want to get in the bath)then Mom hit him (playfully I will assume) with her wet clothes, implying that the daughter is undressed. They have been dating for 7 mos. the kids met him a few mos ago. The divorce was complete 4 mos ago. The mother says that children exaggerate and I’m sure they do but they have to get it from somewhere IE an experience they have had. She has an AA in childcare so I’m having a hard time understanding why she thinks another man in the bathroom is appropriate. They are not married and the kids just met him. Both parents are active so it’s not like she is a single parent.
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Gotta be totally honest, my kiddos at that age would drop drawers in front of anyone.  And in truth, really, just my opinion, not a huge deal.  I sincerely doubt her boyfriend gave two figs about the 5 year old bathing.  And that's not a sexual thing but to a very sick few.  

BUT. ya.  He should not be dipping the child in her clothes into the bath.  And if mom took the wet clothes off, he could have been pushed out the door and hit on the way, playfully as you suggest.  With this scenario, it seems like an over reaction to be outraged or offended.  Sounds innocent.

It's always wise to watch a single woman though with new boyfriends.  Occasionally pedophiles do attach to single women with kids (doesn't have to be a daughter).  However, it's not the first thing to suspect nor is it something this sounds like.  Grooming behavior for molesting is NOT in front of the mom.  
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