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Is Parkinson's hereditary?

Hello.  I usually post on the ms forum but not being able to get an ms diagnosis I have a question.

My great aunt had Parkinson's and passed away 20 years ago.

I a number of issues that look like ms but neuro didn't say ms.

So, my question is, am I at a greater risk for Parkinson's than anyone else?

My symptoms are muscle spasms, tremors (take neurontin) drunk type walking, fatigue, myelin jerks, etc.

Have had slew of MRI's and everything else.  They all say atypical for ms so I am wondering if it could be Parkinson's and if I should pursue that route.

Ay advice would be great as I am not doing well and don't know where to go from here.


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www  (dot)  immed  (dot) org
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Your symptoms are very much like mine.  Go to www.*****.org and look at autoimmune illnesses.  This guy is a cellular pathologist, Nobel Nominee, former head of the Anderson Cancer research facility, 3 World renown Citation Papers, 600 peer reviewed and accepted papers.  I believe you have a chronic intracellular bacterial infection (s) coupled with viral infections that are now active because of the immune system being suppressed.

These could be Infectious Mycoplasmas, an active HHV 6 infection ( we all have a suppressed viral HHV 6 as children, but when it reemerges you will experience MS like symptoms) or Lyme disease w/ coinfections OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.  Lyme has coinfections of Bartonella and Babesia that are usually held in check but when an immune suppressor takes over, they "emerge".  Babesia has symptoms of air hunger, shortness of breath, night sweats, neuro symptoms.  It's kinda like Malaria.   Bartonella is usually benign, but when unsupressed it has symptoms of sore feet/ankles, chronic headaches, eye pain, neuro symptoms.  Lyme affects you systemically, every part of body affected.  

  If you want more info, contact me.  If I had not spoken to Prof  Dr Garth Nicolson, I would never found out what was wrong and I feel 10 times better now.  Been on long term ABX killing this stuff.  i had CRUSHING fatigue, sweats, every one of your symptoms, and more.
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