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Confusing test results

I have Gastroparesis and because of that I have a very hard time drinking enough fluids.

Recently I had blood drawn and urine tested (at the same time) to check for dehydration and was told that mt bloodwork did not show signs of dehydration and I was not dehydrated.

I was then told that my urine specific gravity was high (above what they could test for) and I had elevated bilirubin in my urine and when I asked about the bilirubin was told that my liver was probably stressed by my dehydration (as indicated by the specific gravity and urine color).

I reminded them that they just told me I was not dehydrated and they said that the urine results might be a fluke, but when they checked past urine tests they found that they were all with high specific gravity and had bilirubin...and had no answers as for why the blood and urine results would be so far apart.

I am lost as to what to do or where to look for help.
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Hi Syralia,
Yeah those results are confusing and contradict each other!  I suppose it's possible that you had rehydrated yourself to the point where the blood tests were normal and the urine just hadn't had a chance to catch up yet but I'd just be guessing.  How has your hydration been recently?  Are you drinking anything besides water?
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Thank you for your reply.

I'm only able to drink between 16-40 ounces a day (avg is 24) with 40 ounces really forcing more than comfort allows and only if I stick to iced coffee. Anything else seems to sit even longer in my stomach making me able to drink less.
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That sounds pretty tough, I'm sorry that it's difficult to do what most of us take for granted.  Have you spoken with your physician about drinks rich in electrolytes?  Like pedialyte or Gatorade?
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