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2 ecgs - 7 months apart - first normal and second abnormal?


My son (10 years old) had an ecg 7 months ago in order to play soccer intensively (3 hours training per week + 2 hours play)
The ecg made then was normal. Everything was OK.
He is ADHD and before administrating him something similar to Ritalin, the doctor asked to do an ecg.
Now at our surprise, the ecg has abnormalities:
PR 146
QT/QTc 354/363
P 90
QRS 94
P-R-T 31-95-51
R' > R in V1/V2
ST depression in lateral Dept
ST-Elevation in anterolateral Dept

Suspicion of incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block and Right ventricular Hypertrophy

My questions: was the first ecg a false negative? Could an ecg miss these abnormalities? Could be anormalities be asymptomatic?

We have an appointment with a cardiologist next week and I am very worrying about this second ecg.

Thank you.
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Hi there. Sorry no one answered you. What ended up happening at your cardiology appointment?
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everything was OK. The cardiologist performed again an EKG and many others examination like echocardiogramm.
It was suspected that the doctor assistant put the electrodes too high and inverted V1 and V6.
I has seen her, she was a beginner in her profession, made many print-outs and seemed nervous...

Before we went to the cardiologist, I have read several research articles showing that a displacement of the electrodes V1 and V2 could give a diagnostic of iRBBB and RVH...
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